Amazon Will Expand Parcel Locker Network Across Europe 

Online retailer Amazon want to cut costs and widen delivery options for customers by expanding its European locker network from Britain into the mainland.

Parcel lockers enable customers to collect orders from secure self-service lockers with a unique pass code. The lockers are normally located in local retailers and corner shops, reducing the chance of missing a delivery while at work.

Reduce Amazon delivery costs

The move will be seen as a way for Amazon to reduce its multi-billion pound logistics bill as well as speed up delivery times. The ‘last mile’ portion of the journey is the most expensive and inefficient in the logistics industry, and alternative delivery methods like Amazon lockers and Access Points are becoming increasingly popular with retailers and couriers.

Amazon has advertised jobs across mainland Europe to help facilitate its expansion. These include development manager roles for Amazon Locker in Munich, Paris and Luxembourg. Amazon already utilises DPD owned lockers in Germany.

Amazon’s expansion comes as no surprise as many expect the retail giant to launch its own logistics network to compete with the largest carriers in the US. As its shipping costs grow more than 18% last year to $11.5billion, Amazon will be looking to cut this cost dramatically by reducing the amount of contracts it has with carriers.

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