Amazon’s Prime Ambition: ParcelHero Industry Report

As Amazon delivers its first quarter financial results, courier industry experts ParcelHero, who specialise in international parcel delivery, have issued a timely report examining Amazon’s ambitious logistics plans.

ParcelHero works with all the major couriers and is in a unique position to understand how the logistics market is shaping for the future.

The highlights of our in-depth report are:

  • Amazon’s new distribution arm, Amazon Logistics, will become a logistics company in its own right, competing with companies such as UPS and Royal Mail.
  • The move will save Amazon $3 billion a year globally and £122 million in the UK alone.
  • Amazon needs its own logistics operation to further increase Sunday and Same Day deliveries, supporting its ambitious Prime membership plans.
  • Longer term Amazon has patented using 3D printers to produce items en route to customers, is already introducing the’ Internet of Things’, and is trialling deliveries direct to your car.
  • Finally, we believe long-term Amazon’s logistics plans mean everything will one day be delivered through a pipe called Amazon.

Read the full report and discover how the world’s most ambitious internet commerce company will shape all our futures.


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