Art In A Corner Auction Now Open

ParcelHero attended the long-awaited Art in a Corner’s VIP opening in Marylebone’s Cube Gallery last week. After the hard work from all involved, it was fantastic to see all the paintings hanging safely on the gallery walls. ParcelHero shipped the artwork around the UK and the world for this grand opening in London. Standing in front of art created by Brian Wilson, The Libertines and Elvis Costello was an experience that made us even more proud to be involved in this gracious project.


Conversation Sparking up in the gallery


Passionate speeches were made and conversations sparked up; the atmosphere was charged with excitement. Everyone here gathered together to celebrate art and help disadvantaged kids have the opportunity to create art themselves.

This venture was not started as a vanity project; each painting will be auctioned through the Paddle8 platform and the proceeds will go to charity. The two charities that will be supported through this amazing effort are Children & the Arts and Youth Music. Both charities have a keen focus on giving underprivileged children access to the arts and music.


Brian Wilson's painting, shipped by ParcelHero


Children & the Arts began after Prince Charles visited a school in Birmingham and witnessed a class studying Romeo & Juliet. He was surprised to learn that the children had never seen the play performed live and decided to give the students the chance to see the play performed at Stratford Theatre. After the performance, the class wrote Prince Charles a letter thanking him and explaining that it was the best day of their lives. Shortly after receiving this letter the foundation was started and spread access to the arts across the UK. Since 2006 it has given over 300,000 children access to art forms that they would never had the opportunity to experience such as live orchestra recitals, ballet classes and oil painting classes.


Art in a corner auction attendees

Youth Music aims to provide communities where life is most bleak with the chance to make and enjoy music. Every year Youth Music funds over 350 music projects around England and directly helps around 75,000 young people make music. This charity is an important influence on so many young people; with campaigns like Art In a Corner, we hope that they can continue to make lives better throughout the UK.


To view the art that is up for auction, visit Paddle8, where you can also place a bid on any of the art.

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