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DHL Express to Rollout ‘On Demand Delivery’ for Online Consumers

DHL Express in Australia is aiming to widen delivery options for online consumers and retailers by launching a new delivery platform that will provide more flexible delivery options.

The new ‘On Demand Delivery’ model will give customers a choice of delivery options catered towards online purchases. Australia has been chosen by DHL for its ‘incredibly strong B to C market’, said Gary Edstein, Senior Vice-President DHL Express Oceania.

In an interview with The Australian, Edstein said: “The On Demand Delivery model is a global solution we are working on where you the consumer will have a whole range of options with respect to the final delivery — authority to leave, deliver to neighbour, change date of delivery, etc. Australia will be one of the first countries to take on this global platform.”

The new platform will provide a more flexible experience for both retailer and consumer with the utilisation of drop off points at most major retailers, following a similar line to eBay and Woolworths.

Edstein continued: “We have had no direct discussions with them (the retailers) but there are other companies working with those retailers to try to set up a network. No one has got it right yet. We are looking at all options.

“It may be not going exclusively with one network. We could go with several networks. We might select a few points from a newsagent network. Something from another. We want the ideal network.”

DHL has a strong relationship with Australia Post, especially for delivery to regional areas. But both companies are currently competing for market dominance as Australia Post revealed last week that it had signed 30 companies to its global storefront, TMall, which works closely with Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba. DHL Express says it has half the air express market into and out of Australia, and the local market represents 10-20 per cent of its Asia Pacific revenues.

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