Can You Win a Year’s Worth of Free Shipping?

Get ready for the ultimate online trading challenge, and your chance to deal your way to a year’s worth of free delivery.

The premise is simple, we are sending a selection of Britain’s finest online Del Boys an item of their choice with a value of up to £20. They then have 90 days of wheeling and dealing to make as much cash as they can, simply through buying and selling . Each of our contestants will be competing with each other to win the grand prize – a year’s worth of free shipping.

FlipShop begins in September, reckon you have what it takes to beat the experts?

How to Enter Our FlipShop Competition

Step 1: Sign up using by filling out our form

Step 2: We will send you an item of your choice worth up to £20

Step 3: You have 90 days (along with the other contestants) to sell and buy your way to the most money that you can

Step 4: We will declare the winner who will win 1 year’s worth of free shipping*

Who is Taking Part?


Expert traders from many different backgrounds are taking part in FlipShop, some are eBay heroes, some are successful niche collectors and others just want to do as best as they can. You will also have the opportunity to pit your selling skills against other contestants, see below for how you can apply to get involved.

With competitors from such varied backgrounds, and so many potential online marketplaces available to use we expect to an exciting 90 days of intense and innovative dealing.

The winner of our FlipShop challenge will receive one year of free shipping* courtesy of ParcelHero. Every participant will also keep whatever money or item that they are left with after the 90-day period.

What Marketplaces Can be Used?

Amazon Logo ebay logo Gumtree Logo depop logo

Contestants can use as many or as few market place sites as they wish. As long as they can show us a URL of the listed item and a payment invoice (Paypal must be used for all transactions) they are free to sell their item anywhere online.

This is a great opportunity to find out what the pros and cons of the many online platforms that we expect to be used are. While eBay is familiar to many of us; the internet is full of niche sites, forums and trading posts where budding traders and experienced collectors can sell their wares to keen communities.

  • For vintage clothing, Depop is the most obvious choice for our flippers, we featured the app in a recent blog post and expect a few of our shrewd dealers to make good money here.
  • Shoryuken’s tech forum is a hotbed for gaming tech to be bought, sold and traded. There are many niche forums like this one where dedicated fans can show off their unique or rare items.
  • A healthy alternative selling platform, Gumtree allows you to list and sell items with no fees, as a more stripped-down selling platform.

Enter Now

Want to pit your trading skills against the big dogs? Simply fill out the form by following the link below, we will receive your application and get in touch with you soon.

Sign Up For Our Free Webinar Here

*equivalent to one UK to UK Hermes delivery (before VAT) every day for one year.

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