Get Your Morrisons Food Delivered By Amazon

UK supermarket chain Morrisons have buddied up with Amazon to deliver Prime members with the ability to order their groceries online, with free delivery.

The new partnership will allow Amazon Prime members exclusive deals and offers with Morrison’s Pantry services, alongside the benefits of free next-day delivery. The announcement comes as Amazon looks for significant boosts to its Prime Now membership scheme in the UK.

Morrisons have arrived late to the online grocery market, falling behind leading competitors Tesco and Ocado. But this move to jump in with Amazon, who have access to an ever growing Prime membership customer base, could prove significant.

Experts already warn of this move being devastating to Ocado’s already fragmented market share. Morrisons also retains a significant presence in the North of England, a market Ocado have continued to fail to break into.

As Amazon continues to reduce its costs as it wholly invests in its own fulfillment services, all that remains to be revealed is the scope of Amazon’s ambition.

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