What Happens to Your Luggage After Check In?

How to Avoid Lost Luggage

Anxiety. No matter how frequently you fly there is that nagging doubt that you’ve forgotten your phone charger, you should have bought that more expensive flight, will there be taxis around when you arrive? But one of the worst thoughts that can enter your head as you’re sat on the runway, waiting for take-off…”what if my suitcase isn’t waiting for me on the luggage conveyor belt?”

Door to door luggage delivery; it may sound too good to be true, but in a world connected by flights, losing luggage should be a thing of the past. At ParcelHero, we have had to ship countless items around the world, and it may surprise you to learn that it is not rare to find suitcases on our waybills.

What is The Easiest Way to Ship Luggage?

Easiest luggage delivery

Most of us don’t think twice about booking extra luggage space on our flight. We know that it will be cheaper to buy the extra space now than at the airport and it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Completely right, but why throw your money at a system that is known to go wrong? When it comes to your personal items, always trust the professionals. Shipping luggage with ParcelHero is easier and faster than buying extra space on your flight.

While billions of bags are transported from A to B in the cargo bay beneath the passengers, airlines specialise in getting their customers to their chosen destination, not the luggage.

Where Does My Check in Luggage Go?

Luggage making its way onto an aeroplane

Once your suitcase passes through those familiar plastic flaps after check in it then travels on miles of conveyor belts. From these belts, your luggage then gets placed on a loading trolley and is driven out to the waiting plane. At Heathrow Airport, there are over 30 miles of conveyor belts and many opportunities for your bag to get lost. During this stage, it is possible for your suitcase to end up on the wrong loading trolley or simply not make it to the tarmac at all.

According to the Association of European Airlines, 1 in 60 passengers will not have their bags waiting for them when they arrive at their destination airport. While any flight has the potential to take off without your baggage, it is more common with connecting flights. Often there is just a small window of opportunity for your suitcase to make it from the original flight to the connecting flight.

If you have bought travel insurance, then it is best to claim for your lost baggage through that.

In the worst-case scenario, if your luggage is lost, damaged or delayed by your airline, you can claim compensation. This tends to be a lengthy process and will often leave the passenger feeling bitter about the situation.

If your luggage is delayed, the airline will sometimes provide you with the bare essentials such as toiletries and underwear. If the deadline for claiming for missing luggage arrives and you still have no luggage then it is time to submit a claim.

Unfortunately, airlines are infamously tight when it comes to replacing your personal items. They will usually ask for receipts, pictures and any other evidence to prove that your belongings were in fact in the suitcase.

It is not only the danger of lost or delayed luggage that comes with checking in your bags, but also the real possibility of damage. Modern suitcases are designed to withstand heavy impacts, but sometimes a drop can damage your luggage and the items inside. Again, it is possible to file a compensation claim, but it is unlikely that you will receive an acceptable pay out.


How to Book Luggage Delivery

The pitfalls of not booking a luggage delivery

Globally, for every 1,000 people traveling on an aeroplane an average of 6.5 bags were lost or damaged in 2015. There must be a better solution? Right; ParcelHero can pick up your luggage from your home address and deliver it (via signed delivery) to your destination address. So when you get to your hotel, your luggage can be quietly waiting for you in your room.

Booking a luggage delivery through ParcelHero is easiest, quickest and smartest solution to having your personal items with you abroad. We offer £50 free cover on every shipment (except Hermes shipments), we offer guaranteed delivery services, door to door tracking as standard and we even promise to beat any quote you can find using the same carrier.

Forget dragging your cumbersome suitcase through the cobbled streets, up narrow stairs and trying to fit it in the boot of your taxi. Forget waiting for your suitcase to come into view on the luggage claim carousal, the feeling of dread slowly mounting. Simply book your collection and delivery in a few clicks, and enjoy your stress-free holiday. Leave it to the professionals.



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