If Parcel Delivery Companies Sneeze, the UK Catches a Cold!

The latest UK Logistics Confidence Index has found higher levels of optimism in our sector than at any time in 2012 and early 2013. And that’s actually good news not just for ParcelHero, but for everyone!

The whole logistics industry – and particularly the courier market – is an accurate barometer of the economy of UK PLC. If products are being produced and delivered in greater numbers the economy is growing. If we’re delivering more online purchases and gifts, then people must have a little bit more in their pocket, or feel a wee bit more secure than they did a couple of years ago. The weather looks set fair.

However, if we were suddenly to find a dip in the number of packages being delivered, by everyday customers or businesses, that would be a pretty quick indication that the glass is falling and we’d better prepare for stormier weather.

The good news is that the UK Logistics bi-annual Index, commissioned by Barclays and Moore Stephens, which surveyed over one hundred senior decision-makers within Logistics businesses in July and August 2014, found over half of respondents (53%) think that business conditions are better now than six months ago with almost half (48%) expecting business conditions to improve further over the next six months.

ParcelHero is perhaps one of the best indicators of economic health there is in some ways. Our great deals – we undercut the Post Office by as much as 72% on some destinations – coupled with our emphasis on quality of delivery means we’re a smart choice for both business and individuals. Our continued success this year highlights how confident business feels, and how the public in general feels about the economy. You don’t start buying more goods online if you are thinking there are problem times coming.

So companies such as ParcelHero are an accurate health check for the nation. And the good news is that with the Christmas season coming along soon, ParcelHero has some very healthy Christmas delivery prices to offer. The weather might be getting colder, but ParcelHero hasn’t the hint of a sniffle. That’s a good sign that none of us is going to catch a financial chill this winter!

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