Online shoppers want more flexibility & reassurance over deliveries

A survey conducted by DHL has found that consumers value both control and flexibility over the delivery of online purchases.

Consumers who partook in the survey also felt that the accuracy of the estimated delivery time, the day of delivery and choice of delivery window was particularly important when ordering a product online.

This was supported by 88% of consumers feeling it was also important they were kept informed about the status of their delivery. This included updates ahead of the actual delivery, as well as shipping confirmation.

99% of consumers did have some good news for retailers and delivery companies alike, confirming they already feel ‘well informed’ about their deliveries. With many online retailers offering new ways to track and monitor your good progress – it seems reassurance and support are key drivers for consumer loyalty and satisfaction.

The survey was conducted in Germany, with 77% of German consumers believing Home delivery to be the most popular delivery option. Parcel lockers were chosen by 14% of people as their preferred option, as well as evening deliveries.

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