Don’t Monkey Around With These 9 Delivery Fails

When it comes to shipping parcels, some are better than others. At ParcelHero, we use only the finest couriers to ensure that your goods arrive safely and on time. Unfortunately some parcel couriers are not as careful. Feast your eyes on these delivery disasters and don’t monkey around when it comes to booking a delivery.



9) Building Forts Can be Fun, but Maybe Leave it to The Kids…


8) Someone Managed to Stop Cupcakes Being Fun


7) The Real Question is Why is There a Sandpit in The Front Garden?


6) When is a Table Not a Table? When it’s a Lid


5) At Least it Will be Kept Dry…


4) And That is Why You Need to Package Your Items Properly…


3) It’s a Hard Knock Life


2) Technically, There is Nothing Wrong Here


1) There’s Hiding a Parcel Under the Doormat and There’s Hiding a Parcel Under the Doormat…



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