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In this digital age, the internet is a powerful force that has quickly changed the world we live in and continues to do so at a breakneck pace. Even delivering parcels has been completely transformed by the opportunities that the internet and technological advancements have provided. eCommerce is a relatively new way of doing business and it has already had profound effects on the way that we live and work today.

Shopping BasketThe Changing Faces of Shopping

Changing Faces of Shopping

According to UPS, consumers who buy Christmas gifts online would rather pay as little as possible for postage than having quicker shipping times. There was a time when couriers prided themselves on being the quickest option to get your package from A to B. Now the shipping industry has been turned on its head; delivery cost is now the main concern for most consumers.


With the high street steadily collapsing, consumers prefer to shop from the comfort of their own home and have their purchases delivered to them. High street stores tend to charge more for goods than online retailers, meaning that eCommerce sites often offer more convenience and better value for money.  As a result, online retailers are seeing their profits boom and high street stores are suffering.


Sending ParcelsThe UK is Sending More Parcels Than Ever


Uk's Many Parcels


Along with the unstoppable rise of eCommerce, the amount of deliveries in the UK continue to skyrocket and follow the same trajectory. The Guardian reports that in 2014, Amazon delivered over 70 million packages in the UK. Amazon were responsible for over 6% of all deliveries made that year and they are just one of the major online retailers active in the UK. eCommerce brands have been going from strength to strength each year, with eBay and Amazon leading the way; brands such as Argos, John Lewis and B&Q have had to follow suite and focus on building up their online retailing options. This activity increases the number of parcels shipped each year and increases the public’s familiarity with shipping parcels.


ComScore reports that nearly 60% of all online orders now come with free shipping. What was once an exciting selling point has now become an anticipated aspect of online ordering. This trend is also traceable through to the big brands such as Amazon, Asos and House of Fraser who offer free shipping (normally on orders over a certain amount). Many consumers now see free shipping as a necessity when looking to buy gifts online.



Saving You MoneyParcelHero Saves the Day (and Christmas)

ParcelHero Saves Christmas


To reflect the increasing popularity of home delivery and the desire consumers have for paying as little as possible for postage; cut-price couriers started to spring up and give delivery companies a bad name. Damaged parcels and poor delivery practices saw these delivery companies come under fire from consumers and retailers alike. At ParcelHero, we understand the need for balance; There is a desire for cheap delivery, but no one wants to receive a damaged item.


With lower delivery fees becoming increasingly important, ParcelHero are excited to announce that you can now send a package anywhere in the UK from £2.19. That makes us the UK’s cheapest delivery option. Whether sending presents to friends and loved ones or selling unwanted gifts after the 25th, we will give you the best deal. We are the balance between quality service and value for money that will save Christmas 2016.

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