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#PHWinterWorkshop is Now Live: Start Bidding and Save Lives

ParcelHero are proud to open our #PHWinterWorkshop auction. You can now bid on our first batch of gift boxes on eBay. Last year we raised almost £1,000 for Oxfam with our charity auction, and this year we want to raise £1,500 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. £1,500 can make a real difference for thousands of sick children this year and for years to come, it is enough for a portable heart monitor which is enough to save someone’s life.

To achieve our goal, we have asked Artists from all around the world to design a box for us and fill them with some little gifts. Our artists have done us proud, these boxes range from sewing kits to ocean scenes; they make excellent gifts for Christmas and all come with a £20 ParcelHero Worldwide Shipping Voucher. So have a look at the boxes we have available right now and if you see one you like, then start bidding. Once you win a box, we will ship it to you for free. Scroll down to see what gift boxes we have on eBay right now; keep checking as we are regularly adding new boxes to eBay.


If you can’t afford to bid on a box just yet, then help us by sharing our campaign; help ParcelHero save lives this winter.


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