Robot delivery vehicles set to hit the UK

In the next few weeks, Starship robot delivery vehicles will hit the streets of the UK, USA, Germany and Switzerland and will carry up to 13 kg of groceries and online orders.

The robot vehicles are designed to deliver items within a 2-3-mile range, dramatically reducing the cost of the last mile of delivery. The 15kg autonomous vehicles are operated by GPS, a series of cameras a human operator who can take control of the vehicle for crossing roads and getting around road works.

The Startship delivery vehicles are a venture of Skype founders Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis. The cost of the last mile of delivery in the US is currently averaged at $1.50 to $3, but the new Starship robot reduces that to 50 cents and $1 per delivery. This will hopefully reduce delivery charges on low cost items.

The robots have already been tested in 12 different countries and has driven over 7,000km.


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