Royal Mail Announce Free Standard Parcel Delivery Confirmation

Royal Mail has announced that it will now be operating a free standard parcel delivery confirmation on all packages, a move that will be welcomed by eBay merchants and market traders.

Online marketplace giants Amazon and eBay now require merchants include delivery confirmation on all items, which was criticised as being an expensive addition, especially for low value goods. Royal Mail’s announcement will be good news for traders who were worried about expensive services for a delivery confirmation.

The improved service has been managed by investment in new technology, with Royal Mail investing in 70,000 new PDAs and 3,000 new bar code scanners.

This advancement comes with a warning, however, with a spokesperson saying: “Our operation is changing to work with bar coded parcels, and therefore it will be more expensive for us to handle items that are not bar coded. If you cannot change this may mean a higher price to reflect these costs.”

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