Storms Ahead: Why the Post Office May Not Survive 2017

Gone are the days when you had to queue for close to an hour to see a cashier, have your parcel weighed and watch it being thrown onto the mountain of cardboard boxes. Today, next day deliveries are offered by most couriers; simply enter your details online, print a label and wait for the courier to collect your parcel. The good news is things are only going to get better. As couriers become more popular, their services grow more efficient and you can purchase cheap parcel delivery. But this is not necessarily good news for everyone in the business.

Post Office box serving the public

To understand how the Post Office compares in today’s market, we checked the same parcel details in both the Post Office and ParcelHero booking pages.

Cheap Parcel Delivery

For a 15kg parcel measuring 30cmx30cmx30cm these are the prices for next day delivery: ParcelHero – £11.20 (via UPS) and the Post Office – £27.64 (via ParcelForce). That is a saving of £16.44 through ParcelHero, enough to send the same package again.

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The Post Office has long been a mainstay of British shipping, it is claimed that they can trace their history back for 500 years. The specific occasion that The Post Office claim they began involves Henry the 8th knighting Brian Tuke as the First Master of the Posts in 1516. From then on, the Post Office grew and became part of the British establishment. Tradition is on The Post Office’s side. Many people have grown up sending and receiving parcels and letters with the Post Office and much loved puppet-man, Postman Pat is even an employee of the company. There are physical Post Offices in every town and city in the UK and there are even Post Office vans servicing many UK villages.

Village Post Office

Post Office Closures

The Post Office was the go-to when it came to sending letters or parcels, but on October 12th 2015, the government sold its remaining 14% of shares in the Royal Mail. This move meant that they were fully privatised. Opting for a more streamlined business approach, Royal Mail started cutting back on services and employees. This watered-down version of Royal Mail negatively impacted Post Offices around the UK, and subsequently saw many local Post Offices face closures. The Post Office is very different from the company it used to be and its future direction is uncertain.

More good news: The Post Office is not the only option for next day delivery, and certainly not the cheapest. Not only are there are different couriers to choose from, there are also different methods to pick through; from dropping off your package at a collection hub to having courier collect. These options help you get exactly the service that you want when you want it.

losing Local Post Office

In this modern world, the Post Office seems to be having a hard time keeping up with its competition. The closure of many smaller local branches has seen communities adapt and make use of more convenient, less expensive options for delivery.  See for yourself what the future holds and start sending your parcels with ParcelHero today.


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