The iPhone 6 Effect. What happens to parcel deliveries on September 19th?

Above: September 19th will be a busy day for parcel deliveries. In addition to demand for the iPhone 6, who knows many previous generation iPhones are likely to be on their way to new homes as Apple fans fund their new purchase?

What will happen to parcel deliveries on September 19, and how many customers will receive their new phones on launch day?

With iPhone 6 mania reaching a peak, retailers and parcel delivery companies are bracing themselves for the iPhone 6 Effect, as customers clamour to receive their new phones on launch day, creating thousands of extra deliveries.

As we’ve learned from the launch of the iPhone 5, back in September 2012, and various incarnations of the iPad, new Apple product launches create intense activity in the parcel delivery industry. Let’s not forget that, as well as the devices being shipped through carefully planned channels by Apple, Carphone Warehouse, John Lewis etc, (though not of course Phones 4U, RIP!) the online shopping platform eBay has over 66,000 results for iPhone 6.  Many promising launch day delivery. That’s a lot of private individuals also looking to sell (or sell-on!) their new iPhones as well.

And parcel carriers are also preparing for the sudden rush to sell old iPhone 5s as iPhone 6 mania takes hold, increasing even further the amount of phones on the move this Friday!

Customers who have already ordered their new phone – particularly the larger screen iPhone6 Plus – could well experience delays receiving their phones at home as Apple struggles to supply enough phones into the UK. And if you are looking to order online now, forget it. Apple and all major suppliers have announced that the new iPhone 6 Plus is a complete sell-out – there’s currently at least a three to four week delay. For the standard iPhone, there’s also already a 7-10 working days delivery window.

Both the standard iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus will also be available in stores from 8am of course, but with one eBay trader selling his Apple store launch day reservation for over £250 (that’s not including the cost of the phone itself!), optimistic shoppers are facing a long queue.

Because we only partner with the leading couriers such as DHL and UPS, who have been working for some time with their retail customers to ensure they meet demand, Parcelhero deliveries are unlikely to be impacted by the iPhone 6 Effect. That’s not the case for every parcel courier company or delivery company however. If you want to send a parcel around the 19th you are best to choose a quality courier or carrier!

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