Top 5 Craziest Parcel Drop Off Locations in The World

Today, you can book a parcel delivery thousands of miles away with a next day delivery service from the comfort of your bed. This is generally an advantage to living in one of the most economically developed parts of the world. But humans have proven time and time again, where there is a will there is a way. We are proud to present our list of the craziest parcel drop off points from around the world. These post office locations show the human genius of ingenuity and adventure, this list is a testament to the human spirit.


Ny-Alesund Post Office, Norway

Ny-Alesund Map

Ny-Alesund Post Office is credited as the most Northerly post office in the World. The “town” is in fact a research centre and home to research bases from many nations of the world. Serviced by one airport, this small community of scientists can enjoy the use a store as well as the famous post office. If you plan on dropping off or sending a parcel here, please note that it is closed during winter months.


Post Office Bay, Galapagos Islands

Post Office Bay Galapagos Islands

This undeniably charming little part of the world has been functioning as a drop off point since the 1800’s. This “post office” started life as a simple wooden barrel that local fishermen and whaling boat crew used as a drop off point for their letters and gifts. The idea was (and is) that you leave a letter/parcel in the barrel with an address clearly labelled on it. When someone from the same country finds as the destination of your addressed item, they take it back and deliver it for you.  While now it is more of a tourist gimmick, it served an important purpose in the not-to-distant past.


Penguin Post Office, Antarctica

Penguin Post Office

Britain’s most southerly Post Office, the Penguin Post Office has been the subject of more than a few documentaries and is run by an all-female staff. They handle over 70,000 letters, postcodes and parcels over the summer months (the post office does not operate during winter months). One interesting “perk” of working for this particular post office is the fact that it never gets dark. It is so far south that the sun shines for 24 hours a day.


Post Office, Everest Base Camp

Base Camp Post Office Everest

As the Post Office closest to Everest’s peak, it should be no surprise that China Post’s EBC Post Office is the highest post office in the world. Situated at a dizzying 5,300 metres, a journey here should only be made if you intend to scale Everest itself. Considering that there are an estimated 240 dead bodies still on Everest, it is wise to carefully weigh up any trip here. Due to its unique location, expect your parcels to take a little longer to arrive at their destination then you would otherwise expect.

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China Post Space Office

space, post office, mail

Found at 343 Kilometres above Earth, the China Space Post Office is our number one pick for the craziest parcel drop off location off the world. While it is physically limited to a kiosk in Beijing, this post office has a branch aboard the Shenzhou-8 spacecraft. It is the entrance point for every parcel that is sent into space on a Chinese spacecraft. The Space Post Office is renowned in China for its array of readily available limited edition stamps and post marks.


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