data tax customs authority July 31, 2018

Study: The Digital Tax – To Save A Sinking Ship, Would You Torpedo Another?

ParcelHero’s Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks MILT, questions whether a new tax on the one growing area of retail is the best solution.

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Japan to EU shipping July 17, 2018

New Japan-EU Free Trade Agreement Opens New Opportunities

The European Union and Japan have signed one of the world’s biggest free trade deals today.

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amazon future July 09, 2018

Sink or swim? Amazon needs shipping providers to integrate – or it will cut them adrift

Is Amazon destined to become the last word in logistics?

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The collapse of BHS in 2016 created shockwaves that are still rippling through the industry. Surviving department store chains must embrace multi-platform sales or another significant chain could join BHS in liquidation this year. May 23, 2018

Departing Department Stores

The prognosis for Britain’s much-loved department stores looks increasingly bleak. It’s likely that a significant chain will follow BHS into collapse this year.

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Russian lead fifa world cup stadium April 25, 2018

Kicking off shipping to Russia

How to win in Russia’s huge e-commerce market; and the potential penalties of not playing by the rules.

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Shoppers hurry past January 16, 2018

A Business Guide to Handling Returns

Costing UK retailers £60bn every year, returns can make a huge dent in even the healthiest profits. Whether you’re selling online, or a traditional brick and mortar shop it’s important to know what you do and don’t have to offer when it comes to accepting returned goods. Luckily all the facts you need are in […]

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Your Consumer Rights when Making a Return

From damaged goods to clothes that don’t fit, if you need to return something you bought then it’s important to know your rights. Whether you shop online or on the High Street, you may have more time to return damaged or even just unwanted goods, than you thought. Let ParcelHero untangle the legal mumbo jumbo […]

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Have Retail Returns got out of Hand?

Costing British businesses £60bn per year, returns have become a make-or-break issue for stores big and small. As healthy profits disappear under reams of refunds, ParcelHero reveals the winners and losers of the returns revolution. Download our exclusive report, featuring interviews and data from hundreds of consumers and retailers, for an in-depth look at the […]

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October 11, 2017

Will Amazon FINALLY accept Bitcoin in 2018?

Forbes magazine’s digital currency specialist Roger Aitken investigates if and when Amazon will accept crypto currencies

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group of paper children September 01, 2017

Age verification – An age-old problem

Many children are still able to buy age restricted items such as alcohol, nicotine products and knives online. Retailers shouldn’t leave it to couriers to perform vital age checks, urges ParcelHero’s Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks.

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FTSE100 Stock sheet August 24, 2017

Is the Last Post sounding for Royal Mail’s FTSE100 membership?

The Royal Mail could lose its coveted FTSE 100 place in the next planned FTSE shake up, due on 30 August.

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Amazon could soon have a bank in its back pocket says ParcelHero August 18, 2017

Is Amazon About to Burst Banks?

Could we soon be opening an Amazon bank account and getting loans and mortgages from the e-commerce giant?

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