The Real Cost of Delivering Festivals

Click here for our latest festival report. We delve into what Brexit may mean for the UK music scene and festivals in particular.

When is a field not a field? When it becomes a festival.

This summer millions of Brits are preparing to pitch their tents and pull on their wellies to enjoy everything from food and fiction to folk and funk in the hundreds of festivals taking place around the country.

But could a literal cloud be hanging over this multi-million-pound industry, as rain threatens to stop play, leaving thousands of ticket holders with nowhere to go?

As leading large and heavy courier experts, here at ParcelHero we are unveiling a new report highlighting the true cost behind the UK’s festival scene and the danger the notorious British weather poses to the festival scene.

Here’s a quick preview: 

  1. Coachella, the biggest festival in the world, sells 198,000 tickets and pulls in $84 million for the Californian event. The UK’s largest festival – Glastonbury – has a turnover of £37m but sees profits of just £86,000: less than 50p per ticket.
  2. In the wet summer of 2012 57 UK music festivals were cancelled. It’s a tough business: famous events such as The Big Chill, Sonisphere, Oxegen and Cloud 9 have all fallen silent recently. This year Austin’s 3-day Levitation Festival, Manchester’s All Today’s Parties festival and the Forgotten Fields 2016 Festival have already joined their ranks.
  3. This year 14 million UK residents plan to attend a festival, (3.5 million music festivals alone). Around 1,000 festivals are planned in the UK for 2016 and, with the average ticket price being over £200 for major events, it’s a £2.3bn industry!
  4. The logistics behind a big event are amazing. The five stages at Download weigh 278 tons and require 57 artics to transport them. There are also 160 tons of lights, sound and video equipment to move.
  5. You might think festivals are green, but they generate 23,500 tonnes of waste and less than 32% of material is recycled. Music festivals are responsible for 20 kilotonnes of C02e onsite and 100 kilotonnes of CO2e including audience travel. No wonder Festival 6 spends £30,000 simply taking waste away.
  6. Artists aren’t cheap. Organisers pay over $1m for Bruce Springsteen, Justin Bieber and Madonna; however, Bob Dylan can be hired for $150,000, Ed Sheeran $125,00, the Kaiser Chiefs are a snip at $25,000, and MC Lars is just $2,500.

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