University of Derby Students Learn how Delivery Companies Deliver Brand Promise

ParcelHero’s Head of Public Relations, David Jinks MILT, was guest lecturer at The University of Derby on Monday. He told third year students at the University’s Derby’s Business School that it is logistics that delivers brand values in the era of e-commerce.

David explained to undergraduates studying Derby’s Brand Impact and Popular Culture Modules, that, as web sites take over from traditional brick and mortar stores, the actual delivery of a product is often the customer’s only direct human contact with a retailer or manufacturer.

David was speaking at a follow-up event to University of Derby’s recent highly successful Logistics Week. He explained to the Marketing and Business Studies students that a brand’s reputation is in the hands of its logistics partners.

He revealed online customers are significantly less loyal than high street store customers, and a single failed delivery can lose a hard-won customer for ever. In addition David told students logistics can actually win customers. By offering the widest choice of delivery options and ensuring stock is continually monitored, brands can win and retain new followers.

David added that this means that brands must choose their delivery partners wisely. Today’s increasingly savvy customers actually take note of who an online retailer is partnered with. Some delivery companies suffered such negative publicity over Christmas that consumers are actively avoiding those brands that continue to use them.

He also discussed with the students the increasingly exciting and marketing-led careers now available in logistics today.

Kuldeep Banwait, Programme Leader for Undergraduate Marketing Programmes at The University of Derby’s Derby Business School, says: ‘Logistics is the “forgotten” element of brand delivery. Yet it has the power to make or break reputations. I think David’s presentation will leave our students seriously considering a career in the logistics profession.’

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