CurioCities Terms and Conditions

  • CurioCities is open to all users with an internet connection able to visit
  • There is no age limit.
  • There is no prize or monetary value to becoming a member of the CurioCities 100 Club.
  • To be eligible for entry to the 100 Club you must solve all 100 clues from the CurioCities quiz then submit your name.
  • Inclusion into the 100 Club will only happen after moderation, you will not receive any communication telling you that your name has been published. It is down to the entrant to check.
  • ParcelHero reserves the right not to publish your name in the 100 Club, if we suspect you of cheating.
  • Cheating in this case includes, but is not exclusive to, using automated scripts to solve the quiz or any form of code manipulation.
  • Names deemed inappropriate by ParcelHero will not be published in the 100 Club. This is entirely at ParcelHero’s discretion, and includes, but is not limited to, offensive names or flagrant fabrications.
  • Users may log in with facebook or twitter to save your progress across multiple sessions in CurioCities.
  • ParcelHero reserves the right to retain the following information should you login with twitter: your name, your username, your email address.
  • ParcelHero reserves the right to retain the following information should you login with facebook: your name, your email address.
  • ParcelHero will not share your details with any external individuals or organisations.
  • By signing in to CurioCities you agree to allow ParcelHero to contact you with promotional emails related to ParcelHero’s services. You may opt out of these emails at any time.
  • ParcelHero reserves the right to close the 100 Club for entries at any time.
  • Entries to the 100 Club will be published in chronological order of receipt. ParcelHero’s decision on this order is final.
  • Should you wish to have your name removed from publication in the 100 Club you may request removal by contacting us.

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