Do You Work With an Everyday Business Hero? Nominate Them to Win

Do you know an Everyday Business Hero in your workplace? A leading lady or gentleman in the office who inspires a smile and makes your shift that bit more bearable? As part of our Everyday Heroes Competition share your story of heroic business adventures and give your hero a chance to win two free flights to any destination of their choice.

So, What Makes a Business Hero?

It’s now normal to hear a colleague suggest that one of the main reasons they love working is because of the people they work with. From that favourite person who brightens up your day to the hard working manager who genuinely cares – it is these heroes who ensure we go home with a smile on our face.
What about the guy who cooks at home and brings the left-overs into work most mornings? Hero!

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If you have a favourite colleague in the work space who does exactly that, why not nominate them and have your other colleagues and friends vote for your hero to have a chance at winning two free flights to any destination of their choice. Runner-up prizes include all-day pampering experience days and loads more!

And let’s not forget about those rare and mysterious creatures known as ‘good bosses’ – if you have an overworked manager who deserves a treat, why not nominate them?  Research suggests that more than one in 10 people have taken up a new career entirely due to a bad boss. This is why good bosses need to be celebrated.

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Does anyone really like their boss?

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According to research the most desirable characteristic in a boss is their approachability. This is followed closely by them being a good communicator, suggesting employees love having a great working relationship with their boss over simply being told what to do. Duh!

A bad boss can really make your work life hard and not being appreciated and treated like a person is the number 1 complaint of employees.

And let’s think about it a little more – we see more of our work colleagues and bosses then we see of our loved ones. They are a family in their own right.  

To some people its the environment they work in. Arriving every morning to a positive, well designed environment and space is the most important factor in their work life and some companies and bosses really get this. Granted, we’d all probably just enjoy working in a playground, but some work spaces are so dull a new printer can be the most exciting thing to happen in a month.

What about inspiration?

Being inspired to achieve can be the most desirable quality in choosing where you work – this could come from the owner of the company, something that is particularly important if you work for a small start-up. The effort, drive, commitment and love that an individual can invest in their project is inspiring to most – and treating their employees like family can be truly valuable.

But for most of us we work for the bigger of companies and The Telegraph recently published the top 25 best bosses. Question: what do they all have in common?


Larry Page – Google

Larry Page has been credited as an incredibly good people motivator and spends a lot of time and effort creating an environment that reflects his employee’s needs. Google’s offices in London were recently voted the coolest offices in the city. Nice! Larry also meets every Google hire, all 50,000 of them, and officially signs it off personally.

David Dyson – Three

David Dyson’s mobile network Three has been praised by its employees for its excellent management style, with regular presentations and direct communication. Creating that close relationship between their employees is highly valued at Three, giving Dyson a big approval rating.

Robert Moritz – PwC 

Robert emphasises promotion and recruits thousands of graduates every single year. His employees love the fact that they work for a company that puts promotion and progression ahead of anything else – they feel their company want’s them to excel.

Answer: They value their company and see their employees as human beings. Do you know a boss like this? Nominate them! 

Before entering, please make sure your entry abides by our official rules, found here.

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