Pets in Parcels: Our Top 10

Cats in Boxes

If we’re honest, most of us will spend a good portion of our time looking at cat pictures on the internet. We decided to combine two of our favourite things, cats and parcels. Feast your eyes on our countdown of the top ten pictures of pets in parcels, but bear in mind that no matter how much your cat wants to hop on in there, you can never ship animals through ParcelHero.


10) More like Humblebrag of the week

9) No Amazon delivery has ever been this cute. FACT


8) I would trade my boyfriend in for this right now

7) Charlotte, never take this box away from Leo…Never!

6) This cat knows exactly what’s up

5) Some cats just know how to keep it classy af

4) Not all cats were created equal

3) The best cats come in small parcels

2) Literally the cutest kitten ever

1) Needs no caption

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