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Drinking is something that brings people together. Chemical analysis has shown that the earliest alcoholic drink was made over 9000 years ago. Getting wasted has clearly been an important part of the human experience for a long time.

One major dampener on having a good night out is often the price of booze. Buying alcohol form a supermarket or off-licence is so much cheaper than buying drinks at a bar, pub or club. Luckily, genius ideas can still exist in today’s world.

One of our favourite customers here at ParcelHero is an American company called Smuggle Your Booze. They produce and distribute products designed with the sole purpose of smuggling alcohol into…well anything. We had the pleasure of chatting to founder Jane Cusick.


Would you mind telling us a little about yourself?

Jane Cusick
Jane Cusick

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I am the youngest of 10 children of a Romanian immigrant.  He and my Mother ingrained in all of us a huge work ethic.  I am an accountant by trade.  Before Smuggle, I had an Accounting/Bookkeeping business for over 25 years.  Once Smuggle took off, my son, Joey, took over that business. The funny thing is, my grandfather used to smuggle booze over the Canadian border during prohibition.

How did you come up with the idea for Smuggle Your Booze?

I have always been a smuggler.  We love going to concerts, festivals and sporting events.  The booze is always cheap brands with high prices.  I like Grey Goose Vodka so I would put baggies of Vodka in my bra, get thru security, get soda and mix my Smuggle in.  Saved me lots of money and I got the pour what I wanted.  But there was 1 problem, the baggies leaked!  So our first idea was the soft flask, or “Boobie Bags”.  They fit right in the bra, boots, pants or pockets!  Perfect!  Then of course with outdoor events and festivals, they remind you to bring your Sunscreen – Easy Peasy! Then the Tampon Flask was a no brainer – what security person will EVER mess with your tampons!  Shot on the spot!  The rest of the products followed over the years – Hand Crème/Hand Sanitizer, Brush, Umbrella, Smart Phone and our fun travel mugs!  All of our products are BPA free!!  Our line of Stealth Flasks are the perfect BamBoozle!!

Can you remember when you stared to realize things started to take off?

Things taking off
Smuggle Store, found at the Smuggle Your Booze warehouse


We started selling at our local weekend Swap Meet.  The Orange County Register heard about us and featured us in the newspaper.  The following weekend we had lines of people waiting to buy our product.  We knew right then this would be a big deal.  We were originally just going to sell ourselves at swap meets and fairs, but stores started calling us and asking if they can buy it.  A star was born!

Do you know what events people mostly use your products for?

That easy – everywhere!  We originally thought Concerts, Festivals, Sporting Events, but now we know – cruises, golf courses, amusement parks, bars, beaches, night clubs, hotel pools.

Are people generally surprised that they didn’t know your products existed before they purchased them?

OMG yes!  Our products look so much like the real thing that people are SHOCKED!  We actually had people come to our booth and try to buy sunscreen.  They are so awesome and help people save money and actually are perfect for traveling.  A bottle could break in your suitcase…our Smuggle line of Stealth Flasks will ensure that your booze makes it there safely!

What are the weirdest places that you know people have smuggled booze into using your products?

Nothing really surprises me with these!  They are made to Smuggle into hard places.  I love it when people tell me their Smuggle stories.  One of our Smugglers said they were at a Basketball game and his girlfriend used the “boobie bags” for her wine and he used the tampons for his vodka.  She passed him a tampon and he was chatting with her with the tampon in his hand.  The guy next to him taps him and says “dude you are holding a tampon”.  He handed it to the guy and said open this.  “NO WAY”…TRUST ME he says.  They guy opens it, sees the shot and says you are a genius!  My Smuggler said “Keep the tube – the website is on it”.  I call them all my “Smuggle Family”.  Whether they are a store that carries them or people who use them – we are 1 big Family of Smugglers!

Do people tend to use these products to sneak onto cruises with?

Cruise Booze

ABSOLUTELY!  My sister went on a cruise and complained that she was only allowed 2 bottles of wine on the boat!  I said – do you not know what your sister does for a living?  I sent her 1 of everything for her and a set for her boyfriend.  She sent me pictures showing her Smuggling and she was sooooooooo happy.  Throw them in your suitcase and away you go.   Let’s say you are going with a group of people.  They all bring their Smuggle full on board.  Then when you dock, everyone brings their empties – you go to the liquor store, share the bottles to refill and back on you go.  Smuggle, Drink, Fill, Repeat!

How do you encourage responsible drinking?

100% responsible drinking.  Believe me – I love my booze, but I would never ever drink and drive.  Taxi, Uber, Lyft but never drink and drive.  Absolutely not for underage drinkers.  As a parent, I went thru my kids drawers and cars to be sure they were not doing what they were not supposed to do.  I urge all parents to do that for sure.

Do you have any interesting ideas that we may see in the future?

SMuggle your booze warehouse team
The Friendly Smuggle Staff


I have a list of products that we are working on.   Our newest one is freaking AWESOME!  It is a Smart Phone.  It is one of our biggest presale items we have ever had.  It will be on the market in late June.  The look, the pour and fill of this are sooooo perfect you won’t be able to tell it from your own phone.

Are there any failed products that just never took off or that you wish you didn’t design?

Nope!  So far so good!  All of our products have been home runs for us!

What are your most popular products?

The Tampon and Sunscreens are our most popular! The Brush is catching up!

What is your favourite product?

Mine is the Soft Flask (aka Boobie Bags).  I use that at all the festivals and concerts.  It’s a no brainer for me.  I love the Tampon for the shot value.  When you are at a concert all squished in, I can pull out a tampon and have a quick fireball shot…and I always bring more for the people around me.  I live in California so the Sunscreen is sooooo perfect.  We can go to a beer bar and I will order an ice tea and leave my sunscreen on the table and just pour into my ice tea without anyone being the wiser.  I love the Brush!! It is actually a real brush lined with a flask.  So if you use it to brush your hair then it’s a total BAMBOOZLE!

Do you have any advice for would be booze smugglers?

Hawaii and Las Vegas Store Stock Smuggle Products
Hawaii and Las Vegas Store called ABC Stock Smuggle Products


Go to my site!  Go to the stores that sell it!  BUY IT USE IT AND SAVE $$$.  Most important – you are Smuggling so you must be discreet.  Don’t settle for anything but Smuggle Your Booze products.  We are the BEST!

You partnered with StandUp for a few products, can you talk us through this collaboration?

Sara is awesome.  I saw her products on line and so I sent her an email and told her we needed to talk. She called me right away and a friendship was born.  Those terrible Porta Potties are so gross at outdoor events and we knew we had to do a “Festival Pack” so we sell them on each of our websites.  Guys have it made – they don’t have to hover over the potty and get splashed with 1000 peoples pee!  Now women can do the same thing.  They are an amazing product! Now you can Smuggle Your Booze and Pee like a man…amazing combo

How many times do you tend to ship each week?

We ship daily to our customers!

What is the furthest away place you have shipped to?

We ship to the U.K. and also to Australia

Outside of the US, what countries buy your products the most?

Canada, U.K. and Australia.  But we just signed on with a large company that will be distributing our product to 44 countries.

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