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ParcelHero offers the best courier services, from the world's most reliable couriers including DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT. As one of the UK's leading logistics companies, our bulk buying power enables us to offer huge savings of up to 60% on UK parcel delivery, international courier services, pallet and air freight delivery. We offer industry-leading discounts without any compromise on service excellence. Same business quality service, cheaper prices.

Our parcel comparison site brings together the biggest couriers online, all under one roof. We offer a comprehensive range of economy, international and expedited shipping options to suit every budget. In many cases, our courier prices are more competitive than standard courier post. However, unlike cheap postage services, ParcelHero's express delivery services offer signed for delivery and real time door-to-door parcel tracking as standard.

On this page you will find lots of helpful advice on how to get a courier quote from the best delivery companies, help with understanding our courier prices and how to compare courier costs, alongside useful tips on how to send a parcel.

What's on this page?

Our Delivery Services

ParcelHero offers a comprehensive range of express, timed and economy delivery services. Whether you simply want to check the cheapest way to send a parcel or you need an overnight courier and the fastest DHL Delivery Times, ParcelHero offers cheap flexible delivery services tailored to your specific needs.

Global Express Delivery

Next-day USA & EU Express Delivery. Fast 2-5 day air courier to over 220 countries.

Timed Morning Delivery

Guaranteed time-sensitive pre 9am, 10:30am and 12pm delivery.

Cheap Worldwide Delivery

Economy delivery by road and air cargo. 2 – 5 day EU transit & 3 – 7 day for worldwide destinations.

Courier Collection

Booking cut-off times for same day courier collection

A booking cut-off time is the booking deadline for same day collection. All ParcelHero services include a free courier collection service and we can collect same day from most global locations. Each location will have a booking cut-off time for same day collection.

Cut-off times vary by postcode, with most ranging from 12pm to 3pm, while our courier services in London offer booking as late as 4pm for most postcodes.

When you compare couriers online you will be presented with a list of ParcelHero's available services, and the relevant booking cut-off time for same day collection.

Collection times

When booking a collection, you cannot request a specific collection time. Couriers collect any time between 9am and 7pm Monday – Friday, depending on when they are in your area.

However, for your convenience, you can arrange a courier collection within a specific time period on your preferred date.

If the driver has not collected by 4:30pm, we recommend that you call us so we can contact them and ensure the collection is made.

Labels and paperwork

Prior to collection, it's important you print off the shipping labels along with any extra paperwork provided by ParcelHero.

You should affix one shipping label to each of the packages, and hand any spare labels to the collecting driver. There are two ways you can affix the shipping labels and extra documents, such as a customs invoice:

  1. The collecting driver provides you with a 'documents enclosed' pouch. Place the shipping label inside the pouch with the barcode clearly visible, and securely attach the pouch to your package.
  2. If the collection driver is unable to provide you with a 'documents enclosed' pouch, fix the shipping label to your package using clear packaging tape. It is important you ensure the barcode on the label is not obscured.

Courier Delivery

Unless you have selected one of our timed AM services, deliveries are made between 9am and 7pm weekdays. We recommend that you track your consignment on the day of delivery. If your shipment is not showing as 'out for delivery', please contact us straight away so one of our customer care experts can investigate.

When you send a parcel with ParcelHero, we recommend you provide a mobile number and email address for your recipient so we can update or contact them if required. If you provide an email address, then we can email your recipient to:

  • let them know you have sent them a shipment
  • inform them of any delay
  • confirm final delivery has been made

Most of our partner carriers make three delivery attempts. If the first attempt fails it will automatically be attempted twice before being returned to you. Exceptions to this are as follows:

UK Delivery

For UK shipments under 20kg we make a single delivery attempt. After this, the shipment is taken to a secure local UPS Access Point (such as a local shop or petrol station) so you can collect at your convenience.

EU Economy DPD Delivery

DPD make one delivery attempt. After this, the shipment will be available for collection from a local depot.

Read more about our collection & delivery services

Tracking your parcel delivery

All ParcelHero courier services include real time parcel tracking as standard. This means that you can keep an eye on your shipment at all times. If a delay occurs with your shipment, the status of the shipment will change to 'Exception' and an 'Exception scan' will be posted to notify you of the delay. Whether you want to know about issues, or simply need delivery tracking, our parcel tracking service ensures complete visibility at all times.

ParcelHero's clever technology will automatically monitor your shipment for you and send you an email alert if there is a problem or a delay. We'll also keep your receiver informed if you have provided us with their email address.

Read more about tracking your parcel.

Packaging Large Items

When you send a parcel via a courier service it will be offloaded and loaded multiple times along its journey and may be subject to impact during transportation. It may also have other items placed on top of it so it's important you package your large items correctly. As a general rule, the further a shipment travels, the more handling stages it will incur. It is especially important when you are shipping large, heavy or fragile items to package them robustly and securely so it can be transported safely.

Learn more about tracking your parcel delivery


Selecting a box:

  • Ensure the box is strong and rigid enough to hold the weight of the goods inside. A new, dedicated box is the best option.
  • We recommend using a double or triple lined box for heavy items over 25kg

Internal cushioning:

  • Wrap each item individually
  • Fill the whole box with internal packaging materials so the contents are cushioned and unable to move around inside.

Securing your package:

  • Tape both ways around the box (in both directions) using strong packaging tape.
  • The more tape you apply, the stronger the box becomes.
  • Pay particular attention to flaps and corners.

Packaging your parcel

To reduce any risk of damage, ParcelHero does not use cheap couriers. Even when using the best courier services, packaging your items correctly is the single most important thing you can do to ensure your shipment arrives safely and securely.

Whether you are using our UK courier delivery services or booking an overseas courier service, it's important to remember that when you use a courier company, other boxes will be placed on top of your package, it may be subject to external conditions such as hot and cold temperatures, vehicle vibrations and impact when it's loaded on and off vehicles, sortation belts or aircraft.

The box you use needs to be capable of supporting not just the contents of the box, but also other boxes being placed on top of it. So a new, unused box is the best option, especially if you are sending sensitive items. Every time a box is re-used it loses some of its strength. If you do re-use an old box, please make sure the walls are free from creases, dents or folds, as this is an indicator that the box has already lost some of its required strength.

Here are the main things to consider when packaging your items:


Box Strength

Use a strong box that's capable of supporting the weight of your items. We recommend using a double lined box for any items over 10kg in weight.


Internal Packaging

  • Wrap each item individually
  • Use at least 7cm of internal cushioning material (such as polystyrene packaging chips or bubble wrap) before placing your items inside the box.
  • Each item should be individually wrapped and placed towards the centre of the box. Items should not touch each other or the external box walls.
  • Once you have placed your items in the box, pack out the remaining space in the box with your packaging materials. Your items should not be able to move around inside the box. If they can move or slide around, there is a higher risk of damage during transit.

Labelling and Taping

  • Remove any old labels, addresses and barcodes (if you are reusing a box).
  • Use strong packaging tape to seal your package. Tape is really important as it secures the seams and gives the box extra strength.
  • Always apply tape in both directions around the box - at least three times each way – and make sure you reinforce the joins and box corners.
  • Affix the shipping labels to the box using a documents enclosed pouch (the collection driver normally provides this). Alternatively, attach the shipping label to the box using clear packaging tape, ensuring you don't cover the barcode.

Large and Heavy Parcel Delivery

ParcelHero supports all shipping requirements, including sending a large parcel or pallet. However, ParcelHero's online courier service is not a removal service and we cannot transport furniture, large kitchen appliances unless they are palletised, or sufficiently packaged in a strong box or crate.

Some items are not suitable for transit via courier and are more suited to specialist freight companies. If in doubt, please contact our customer care team for advice.

Size and weight restrictions

As long as each item you're shipping weighs less than 1,000kg, measures less than 270cm in length, and is either boxed or palletised, we can provide a low cost courier solution to move your goods.

Packaging Large & Heavy Items

The larger and heavier the item, the more vulnerable it is to damage when being transported via a courier network. If you are sending large or heavy items, it's really important you check our recommended packaging criteria.

Collection & Delivery of Heavy Items

If your package weighs more than 25kg, you must attach a heavy parcel label to the box and provide the driver with assistance when loading and unloading.

If the package weighs over 50kg, then you must book collection at least one day in advance, as a special vehicle will need to be arranged.

Read more about shipping large and heavy parcels

Optional Extras

There are a number of optional extras that you can add when you book a courier with ParcelHero.

Enhanced Cover

ParcelHero automatically includes £50 free cover cover as standard*. If you want to cover your shipment to a higher value, you can purchase ParcelHero enhanced cover.

Money Back Guarantee

Our timed AM delivery services all come with a full money back guarantee included in the price.

Our standard express delivery and economy services do not include a money back guarantee option as standard. You can choose to add this to your shipment for a small additional charge.

ParcelHero is the only online courier to offer a guaranteed delivery upgrade option for their customers. Our money back guarantee entitles you to a full refund in the event we fail to deliver your shipment before the specified deadline.

Read more about our guaranteed delivery option.

*excluding Hermes deliveries

Prices & Surcharges

ParcelHero offers discount courier services at savings of up to 60% against booking direct. You don't need to courier compare online, our comparison software automatically generates the cheapest courier prices from the world's leading carriers.

Our parcel delivery quote includes all applicable surcharges. There are only two possible additional surcharges which may be applied during the booking process, as we are unable to calculate these when you get a quote.

Remote Areas

Remote areas are areas that are considered remote by our partner carriers. A carrier may consider an area as remote because they don't deliver there often. This is an extra cost to the carrier, and they pass this cost on to the customer in order to provide a reliable service to remote areas

ParcelHero will check your collection and delivery addresses against the carriers' list of remote areas when you book your shipment, and apply a remote area surcharge if applicable.

Read more about remote area deliveries.

Home Delivery

Most carriers apply a surcharge to deliver to a residential address. This is due to the additional logistics for residential delivery, compared with bulk delivery to business parks and commercial districts. It simply costs a carrier more overall to deliver to a home address.

ParcelHero applies a small surcharge for deliveries to home addresses in line with its partner carriers.

Incorrect Shipment Details

It's really important to note that our quote is calculated on the size and weight information you enter for your shipment.

It is each customers' responsibility to ensure that the information entered is accurate. If your measurements or weights are inaccurate, this will affect the price you have been quoted.

Read more about our surcharges.

Covering your shipment for loss and damage

ParcelHero includes £50 free loss and damage cover as standard*. If you want to cover your package for a higher value, you can purchase additional enhanced cover from us up to a maximum value of £20,000 per shipment.

However, it's important to note that your shipment will not be covered for compensation in the event that:


Your shipment has not been packaged in accordance with our packaging criteria.


Your items are listed on either our excluded items list or our prohibited items list.

There are some products that are unsuitable for transport via a courier network unless they are professionally packaged, such as items containing glass. These items are considered 'excluded items' which we do not offer cover or compensation for.

However, if you believe the items have been sufficiently well packaged, if you submit images of the packaging to us via email in advance, we will review them and confirm if they are sufficiently packaged. Then we will be able to provide cover for your items.

Read more about our enhanced cover.

*excluding Hermes deliveries