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ParcelHero® offers air freight forwarding and cargo services through the world’s biggest logistics companies, including DHL Freight, UPS, TNT and Kuene & Nagle. Our comparison site offers instant quotes and excellent discounts, with savings on shipping costs of up to 60% against booking direct.

ParcelHero® specialises in Parcel, Pallet and Freight Distribution. We offer Express air freight solutions to over 220 countries with a complete range of services, including time-definite Express delivery to Economy shipping options, where cost is the main criteria.

Regardless of delivery location or budget, ParcelHero® offers cargo services for consignments of all shapes and sizes. And unlike most air freight services, all of our shipments come with Real Time cargo tracking from door-to-door, committed delivery dates and a money-back guarantee option.

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Compare air freight
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Air Freight Prices and Surcharges

Unlike most freight forwarders, we don’t push a long list of surcharges onto our customers. All of our cheap cargo prices include door-to-door delivery with no separate charges for collection, war risk or customs clearance.

The only reason the cost may vary is if your weights and dimensions are inaccurate, so to ensure accurate rates, please take care when entering your shipment information into our quote tool.

ParcelHero® also offers enhanced cover for high-value goods and the option to upgrade to a money-back guarantee - if speed is of the essence.

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Customs Paperwork

When you send air cargo outside the EU a customs invoice is required to expedite clearance. We recommend when sending commercial goods that you also include harmonisation codes for each product you’re sending (sometimes referred to as tariff codes) to ensure clearance is not delayed and import duties and taxes are assessed at the correct rates.

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Cargo Tracking

Most freight forwarders offer limited tracking and visibility. This is due to their use of airlines and charter services via different providers as well as their use of agents in each country to deliver their goods.

ParcelHero® however works with the world’s leading logistics companies, such as DHL Freight so all of our services come with Real Time tracking door-to-door. This ensures a transparent delivery process, whether you’re sending an urgent air freight movement to the USA, or importing Cargo from China you can monitor your goods no matter where it is in the world.

It’s also useful to note that ParcelHero® offers pro-active shipment notifications when important shipping events occur, such as a delay or proof of delivery confirmation. All you need to do to access this service is provide the email address for the shipper and receiver when booking online.

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Shipment Preparation

Safely Preparing your Pallet
for Transportation

When sending palletised air cargo abroad it’s important the goods are prepared properly for
transportation. Remember your pallet will be loaded and offloaded multiple times along its journey, and
may also be exposed to environmental pressures such as transportation vibrations, weather and impact
when being offloaded.

Some useful guidelines when shipping pallets abroad:

1. Make sure you strap the pallet securely to the base in both directions
and use corner supports where possible.

2. Be generous with your shrink-wrap, the more you use the more secure the pallet will be.

3. Do not allow the goods to overhand the edge of the pallet otherwise they are more
exposed and prone to damage.

4. Make sure you check the destination country’s regulations in regards to shipping
wooden pallets: some countries will not permit their use unless they have certification to
confirm they have been fumigated.

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