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Ship Car Parts and Save with ParcelHero

Car Parts Shipping

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ParcelHero Car Parts Courier Services

ParcelHero offers a fully comprehensive delivery service for customers wishing to send car parts. Whether you are a collector, niche car enthusiast or selling car parts on eBay, ParcelHero is up to 60% cheaper than booking direct with a courier. Our UK and international vehicle parts delivery services include Economy, Express, Next-day and Timed delivery to 220 countries. Ship car parts cheaply, quickly and efficiently with ParcelHero.

As partners to some of the UK’s leading couriers, we’re professionals in transporting a wide range of car parts and accessories. From body parts, exhausts, wing mirrors, bumpers, headlights and tyres, ParcelHero offers cheap, dependable vehicle and car parts shipping at economy rates. Partnered with the most prestigious international couriers, including FedEx, DHL, DPD and UPS, ParcelHero makes shipping car parts of all shapes and sizes simple. For oversized deliveries, ParcelHero offers a highly competitive pallet service for car parts shipments exceeding 70kg. We can carry a gearbox as easily as we can carry out a complete engine delivery.

£50 free cover as standard* with every booking, with additional insurance options available. Real-Time parcel tracking updates keep you informed of your parcels progress at any time, with a courtesy confirmation email sent once delivered. For deliveries outside of the EU, ParcelHero creates any customs or import documents as part of the booking process, so you can rest assured that everything should go according to plan.

*excluding Hermes deliveries

Large & Heavy Car Parts Delivery

ParcelHero specialises in Large & Heavy parcel deliveries which is ideal for those transporting car parts. Not all UK car part couriers can offer a complete service that caters for large and heavy parcel deliveries, especially at the prices we offer. Whether you are sending specialist car parts to the USA, require auto delivery to China or tyres to Australia, our professional courier partners provide the best possible service at big discounts.

Large and heavy items require specialist handling so should be booked 24 hours in advance of their desired collection time. Our partner couriers require assistance with any items over 30kg, or for the customer to provide equipment to help in loading the item. Please note: our booking tool standardly measures in centimetres. Consignments exceeding the restrictions outlined below are not accepted:


Maximum Size:

  • The maximum length of a box is 270cm.
  • Keep in mind that if your box is particularly large, you may have to assist in loading it.
  • Some drop off locations have different size limits. Be sure to check before you book.

Maximum Weight:

  • The maximum weight of a shipment is 1,000kg
  • If your parcel weighs more than 30kg, you will need to assist in loading.
  • If your package is heavier than 50kg, please book at least 24 hours in advance.

Maximum length of second longest side:

  • While the maximum length is 270cm, the next longest side cannot be longer than 150cm.
  • Keep in mind that if your box is large but not heavy, you may be charged on volumetric weight.

Items totalling in excess of 70kg will require a pallet service.

Customs Rules for International Vehicle Shipping

When shipping car parts outside the UK or European Union, customs documents are required and automotive deliveries may be subject to duties and tax. When you complete our Instant Quote booking tool, ParcelHero automatically provides the relevant documentation for your parcel. Your customs docs inform customs authorities in the destination country which car parts you are shipping, their value and the reason for shipping. Our customer service experts are on hand to assist customers throughout the process. More information on customs rules and regulations.

Any additional duty or taxes are not charged by the courier, they are applied by customs in the destination country and are normally the responsibility of the recipient of the parcel and cannot be included in your ParcelHero quote. To avoid any delays at customs, customers are advised to check the recipient country’s customs restrictions and prohibition lists. It is important to be aware that each country has different regulations so please check before making your booking.

ParcelHero Labelling & Packaging

To avoid any damage in transit, especially if you are sending high-value specialist car parts, then it is important to package your parcel correctly. Particularly so if you are sending an international shipment as this will undergo a greater number of handling stages. We recommend ensuring your parcel is packaged correctly in line with ParcelHero’s labelling and packaging guidelines.

ParcelHero advises:

  • Wrap your car parts in bubble wrap, paying extra attention to anything fragile.
  • Place your car parts within a strong box, ideally a new box.
  • Ensure your items are suspended within the box and are not adjacent to the box walls. If sending multiple items in the same box, make sure the items are insulated from each other.
  • Make sure your customs documents are securely fastened to the package exterior.
  • Ensure labels are clearly and securely fixed to the outer packaging, with a ‘spare’ set of labels placed inside.
  • Use dedicated packing tape and ensure there is no loose exterior trimmings. Pay particular attention to the box seams. If using a second-hand box, make sure the box joins are reinforced.

Please note that car parts are often come in odd sizes and weights and are therefore listed on our non-compensation list. We can still provide cover, however, with our extensive range of insurance options. An image of the packaging must be sent in order to approve your packaging before shipping. Your shipment will be covered once your packaging is approved. Our UK-based customer care team is available to assist with this if required.

Car Part Parcel Tracking

As part of our fully comprehensive ParcelHero service, Real-Time parcel tracking ensures the customer remains informed of their parcel's progress with full door to door parcel tracking facilities. Whether it’s a time-critical delivery or you are sending car parts on our Economy service, you can monitor your parcel from collection to final delivery.

As we are partnered with the most reputable couriers in the industry, the highest level of parcel tracking software is provided. If your car part delivery experiences any delay in transit, or is held in customs in the destination country, this will show on your parcel tracking. If your shipment shows as ‘exception’, please check the latest scan update for further information. This will tell you what action, if any is required to progress your delivery. Our expert customer service team can help with any transit issues. A courtesy email is also provided when the parcel has reached its final destination.

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