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Parcel Collection and Delivery

Globe showing collection and delivery points

ParcelHero® UK courier services and international delivery services offer flexible collection options, and door-to-door courier delivery as standard. We offer same day parcel collection and delivery from most locations and we only work with the best parcel carriers, such as DHL & UPS

Our parcel service offers both business and home delivery, and it's so easy to arrange a courier with ParcelHero®.

Simply get an online courier quote, compare our parcel delivery prices, and book a courier collection service that suits your budget. We even offer real time delivery tracking, so you can track your parcel until it's out for delivery with the courier.

This handy guide will tell you all you need to know about scheduling a courier collection and parcel delivery.

Courier Comparison Prices

Courier Collection

Booking cut-off times for

same-day courier collection

  • ParcelHero® offers same-day courier pickup from most locations so long as you book within our cut-off time.
  • Every postcode has a different booking cut-off time, and most postcodes have a cut-off time ranging from 12pm to 3pm, and our courier services in London offering even later collection times.
  • When you get a ParcelHero® quote, each service option details what day we will be able to pick-up your parcel, and how long you have to book the courier to ensure you get a collection that day

Jargon buster: A 'cut-off time' is a courier term for 'the booking deadline' for a same day collection. If you want a parcel collection service on the same day that you book online, you must book it before the cut-off time for you area.

Requesting a Collection Time

Courier collections are made between 9am and 7pm Monday to Friday (except for bank holidays) and unfortunately you cannot request a specific time for the courier pick-up service. However, at ParcelHero® we do offer you an option to specify a collection window, to save you waiting in all day.

During the booking process you are given the option to select the date of collection along with the collection time window. For example, if the booking cut-off time for your area is 12pm, then you can select a collection between 12pm and 7pm.

Collection date & time

Collection drop down box showing time window for collection

Requesting us to collect
from another address

To book a courier collection from another address you need to provide a telephone number and email address for the contact person at the collection point. The shipping documents are then emailed to the shipper along with guidelines on what to do next.

ParcelHero® recommends:

1. That you check with the shipper to ensure they have received the email with the shipping labels and that they have followed the instructions to print and affix the label to the parcel, prior to collection.

2. That you make the shipper aware of our packaging and labelling guidelines to ensure your items are prepared correctly for transport.

We collect and deliver from across the globe

Booking a Parcel Collection from abroad

Our import services offers same day collection from most countries in the world, perfect for when you need to organise an urgent international delivery. Our international courier collection service works exactly the same way as our domestic collection service, all you have to do is provide a telephone number and email address for the contact person at the collection point when you book online:

ParcelHero® recommends:

1. That you check with the shipper to ensure they have received the email with the shipping labels and that they have followed the instructions to print and affix the label to the parcel, prior to collection.

2. That you make the shipper aware of our packaging and labelling criteria to ensure your items are prepared correctly for transport.

Failed collection form

Failed Collections

A collection can fail for a number of reasons. The most common cause is because the shipper was not available when the courier attempted collection, but it can also be due to the courier not being able to locate the collection point, or simply running out of time due to bad traffic.

ParcelHero® recommends:

1. If the courier has not arrived by 4pm, give us a call and we can chase the collection up on your behalf. Or if you're abroad call the courier directly in your home country.

How to re-book a collection or change the collection date

Re-booking a collection is easy with ParcelHero. Simply track your shipment and on the tracking page, and then select the option to 'Change Collection Date'

Labels and Paperwork

Once you have completed your booking ParcelHero® will provide you with all the shipping paperwork you need. You must then print and affix one barcoded label to each parcel you're sending, prior to collection.

Affixing the labels to your parcel The collection courier should be able to provide you with a 'documents enclosed pouch' to place each label into, however if they are unable to, you can simply tape the shipping label to the box using clear packaging tape, ensuring the barcodes are kept straight and are not covered by tape.

Affixing the customs invoice to your parcel If your parcel is travelling directly to a country outside the EU,Like Bangladesh or India, ParcelHero® will generate the customs invoices for you to print and affix to your parcel. If your parcel is travelling via our sortation centre in Haverhill, then no customs invoices will be provided to you as we affix it for you when it's received at our facility, for your convenience.

ParcelHero® recommend:

1. Placing a spare address label inside the box.
2. If re-using a box, remove all labels and markings from the box prior to us.
3. Reviewing our labelling and packaging guidelines prior to shipping.

courier delivering package

Courier Delivery

We can shipment anything from a small parcel to a large parcel or pallet delivery.
Deliveries are made between 9am and 7pm, Monday to Friday.
We offer standard UK overnight courier delivery, fast worldwide delivery and
timed AM delivery and Saturday delivery options for urgent shipments.

Because we only work with the best UK delivery companies, the majority of
ParcelHero® services include three delivery attempts as standard.
The services that do not include three delivery attempts are:

UPS Access Point UK Parcel Delivery

For UK Delivery services of items under 20 kilos we make one delivery attempt, and if we're unsuccessful then the parcel is taken to the nearest UPS Access Point (normally a local retailer) for collection. You will find a courier calling card posted through your letterbox if our delivery partner has attempted delivery.

EU Economy DPD Delivery

We only make one delivery attempt for items travelling to the EU via DPD. If we are unable to deliver on the first attempt, DPD will store your parcel at their nearest depot, and you need to collect it within 5 working days otherwise it will be automatically be returned to the shipper.

ParcelHero® keeps you informed

If there is an issue with your parcel pickup and delivery and you provided ParcelHero® with the receiver's email address and mobile number when you booked your shipment then we will automatically notify your receiver of any delays via email or phone, whilst also keeping you informed at the same time.

ParcelHero® recommends:

1. That you always provide a contact telephone number and email address for the receiver whenever possible, especially if your using our home delivery service.

2. That you track your parcel on the delivery due date, and, if your shipment is not showing as 'out for delivery', you contact us so we can assist you.

3. That you ask the receiver to contact the delivering courier in their local country if the delivery has been attempted, in order to re-arrange the delivery for another date.

Delivery Tracking

ParcelHero's clever technology monitors your parcel and keeps you and your receiver up to date with any issues that occur, however you can also track your parcel whenever you want to check its progress, even when it's out for delivery with the courier.

Tracking your shipment is easy with ParcelHero®. All our parcel delivery services come with real-time tracking, so you can track your package from collection right through to delivery, simply visit our tracking page, and enter the tracking number. If you are registered with ParcelHero® you can simply login to your account and lookup your shipment straight from your dashboard.

Scan information

At every point of your shipments journey from collection to delivery, your shipment will receive scans that tell you not only where it is, but also its progress status. Normally a shipment travelling to its destination will have the status of 'In-transit', however if it's delayed, or there is an issue with delivery, the status will change to 'Exception' and it will receive a scan to inform you what the exception is.