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Comparing the prices and services of different couriers can be a difficult business, especially if you don’t know much about using a courier. At ParcelHero® we make things simple and worry free. We only partner with the best courier companies and our price comparison website enables you to obtain the cheapest prices, with delivery from £8.50 and huge savings of up to 60% against booking direct.

ParcelHero guarantees cheap prices on a business class service. This is because we only compare prices for couriers we know are reliable. We offer a range of rates and services for both UK next day parcel delivery and International delivery, so whether you're shipping in the UK, or sending parcels abroad, our courier comparison site offers a one stop shop for all your parcel delivery needs.

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Our courier services

Because we partner with only the best international carriers, ParcelHero offers a fully comprehensive range of delivery services to suit every budget. We offer both export from the UK and import services to the UK, with Next Day delivery across the EU and US and cheaper economy delivery options if price is your main concern. To compare costs and services, simply use our Instant Quote calculator by entering your package destination, weight and dimensions and we'll provide you with a choice of expert carriers and cheap delivery services to choose from.

Why you can trust us to deliver

At ParcelHero we offer far more than just cheap prices. We're passionate about parcel delivery. Here's just some of the reasons you can trust us to deliver:

  1. We only work with the best carriers
  2. We continually monitor delivery performance and benchmark against other carriers.
  3. We offer Real Time parcel tracking on every shipment sent with us
  4. We keep you informed, and notify you whenever your package is delayed.

Collection and Delivery

We can collect same day across the UK and from many worldwide destinations with booking as late as 3pm in many areas. When you review our services during the booking process, each service shows the day your shipment will be collected along with the expected delivery date. The courier will deliver between 9am and 7pm, and we'll let you know if there are any issues along the way.

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Prices and Surcharges

At ParcelHero we believe in being transparent with everything we do. All of our prices include all applicable surcharges with no hidden surprises. When you get a quote online, it's therefore important that you enter accurate weights and dimensions for each package you're sending.

If you're shipping a large package or pallet additional surcharges may apply, which will all be included in your online quote.

We also offer enhanced cover of up to £20,000 if you're sending valuable items and a money-back guarantee upgrade option for urgent, time sensitive consignments.

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Large and Heavy Parcel Delivery

We don't just offer a small parcel service. We also offer a highly competitive large and heavy parcel delivery service, including pallets. We can ship items up to with a 1,000kg weight and 270cm length . And as with all our services we offer great rates from a range of providers. If any package in your shipment weights more than 50kg, we need 24 hours' notice to collect your shipment, so we can provide a specialist vehicle with tail lift.

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Parcel Tracking

No matter which courier you choose, with ParcelHero we offer Real Time parcel tracking on every shipment as standard, from the point it's collected right through to delivery.

You don't have to be an expert to track your shipment and it can actually be quite fun to see it travelling across the world. Simply enter your tracking number into our tracking page and watch your parcel fly.

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