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Large & Heavy Parcel Delivery

Large & Heavy Parcel

Reliable shipping whatever size your package

ParcelHero offers unbeatable prices for large and heavy parcel delivery. Save up to 60%, while also getting free live delivery tracking and £50 enhanced cover*.

*excluding Hermes deliveries

What's on this page?

ParcelHero offers UK delivery and international courier services to 220 countries, with a full range of express, timed, and economy large parcel delivery and pallet delivery services, ParcelHero partners with the world's best large parcel courier services such as DHL, UPS, TNT & FedEx to offer solutions for anyone sending large parcels, pallets or air freight shipments.

ParcelHero's huge buying power enables us to offer savings up to 60% compared to booking direct. Our commitment to quality and reliability of service is the reason we are the UK's number one online courier for large items and oversized parcel delivery.

Need to send a parcel to Germany or France? No problem. We provide same day collection for any large item delivery up to 50kg in weight, or next day for heavy courier shipments over 50 kg. All our parcel pickup and delivery services are fully trackable with real-time scan information from door to door, alongside pro-active email support notifications. ParcelHero's courier service for large items can be tracked from collection through to final delivery, including customs updates if you are sending big parcels outside the EU.

Although ParcelHero is not a specialist furniture courier, we specialize in heavy item courier services. The info on this page will tell you all you need to know.

£50 free cover as standard* *excluding Hermes deliveries

Collection or drop-off at a local shop anytime

Track your parcel from door-to-door

Send bulky or heavy items weighing up to 1,000kg

Our Large Parcel Courier Services


Send an oversized parcel from the UK to over 220 Countries


Collect from anywhere in the world for large parcel delivery to the UK

Express Oversize Shipment Delivery

Fast 1-5 day delivery to over 220 countries

Timed Delivery of Large Items

Urgent Pre 9am, 10:30am and 12pm guaranteed time-sensitive delivery

Cheap Courier Service for Large Items

Economy 2 – 5 day EU delivery and 3 – 7 day worldwide delivery

Size and Weight Restrictions for Oversize Parcels

Size and weight restrictions

Max Length: 270cm
Max 2nd longest dimension: 100cm

Large & Heavy Items

Max weight of a single package: 1,000kg
Max shipment weight: 10,000kg

Large Courier Items Requiring Specialist Packaging

Shipping large items on a pallet protects your goods from the risk of damage. It makes it easier for your items to be kept upright, and protects them during loading and unloading. We strongly recommend palletising any goods over 50kg in weight.

Pallets can be easily purchased online, along with shrink wrapping materials to secure your items.

Tip: if you are sending a pallet overseas then we recommend you buy a pallet that has been fumigated and heat treated, as some countries have restrictions on the import of wooden items, including pallets.

Please note: ParcelHero is a courier, not a furniture delivery service or removal company. We do not recommend shipping furniture unless they are palletised.

Similarly, large fragile items containing glass, ceramics or porcelain, including bathware such as sinks and toilets, should not be shipped via courier unless they are professionally packaged and palletised.

Non-compensation item advice

It's very important to understand that furniture and ceramics are designated non-compensation items. A non-compensation item does not qualify for automatic enhanced cover for damage, as is the case with a standard delivery. However, we can offer damage cover when sending a large parcel or heavy delivery in the UK and abroad, even if it contains furniture or other excluded items, if you provide supporting images by email prior to booking. If our evaluators confirm that your items are packaged sufficiently well for for collection by our heavy parcel couriers, damage cover can be confirmed. Please note, this information is required in advance of placing your booking. If you need any help or advice on sending oversized parcels, please contact our customer care team.

Learn more about safely packaging your items


We can collect same day for packages under 50kg in weight. For heavier items or large parcels over 180cm in length, please book at least 24 hours in advance.

For collection of items over 50kg in weight or 180cm in length, you need to provide assistance to the driver when loading and unloading.

If you need a vehicle with a tail-lift, or a pallet truck for moving a pallet, please contact ParcelHero customer services in advance so we can arrange prior to collection.


Large parcel deliveries are made between 9am and 7pm, on working weekdays only. We also offer timed am service options for urgent deliveries. We make 3 delivery attempts as standard.

If you need the driver to carry a pump truck to assist with unloading, please contact our customer care team. You may still need to provide the driver with assistance when unloading.

All our services include door to door delivery.

Learn more about collection & delivery

Prices, Surcharges and Upgrades


ParcelHero offers hugely competitive rates for every heavy parcel delivery quote, with savings of up to 60% against going direct. For example, we are the UK's cheapest courier for large items, with a UK shipment up to 50kg starting at £24.75. Our discounted prices are based on size or weight, whichever is the greater.

All ParcelHero quotes include all applicable surcharges, but please ensure you have provided accurate size and weight information when sending a big parcel.

Applicable surcharges for large or heavy shipments

Additional Handling

When additional handling is required for large, heavy or awkwardly shaped packages, the following surcharge will apply:

When shipping any of the following:

  • Any item not fully encased in a wood or metal shipping container
  • Any item with a weight greater than 32kg

A surcharge of £3.60 per package will be charged in addition to the shipping costs

Large Package Surcharge

When a package falls into any of the following categories:

When shipping any of the following:

  • The length exceeds 120cm
  • The girth and length combined exceeds 330cm
  • A minimum billable weight of 40kg will be applied on all large package shipments

A surcharge of £30.25 per package will be charged in addition to the shipping costs.

Over Limits Fee

When a package falls into any of the following categories:

When shipping any of the following:

  • The girth and length combined exceeds 419cm
  • The package weight exceeds 70 kg

A surcharge of £30.25 per package will be charged in addition to the shipping costs.

Shipment Upgrades

ParcelHero offers a number of optional extras that you can add to your shipment.

Enhanced cover

We offer £50 free cover for loss and damage as standard*. You can purchase additional cover up to a maximum of £20,000 per shipment.

Money Back Guarantee

ParcelHero only uses the best couriers for large items, and all our timed services offer a money back guarantee in the event of late delivery. If you are sending an express or economy shipment, this will not be covered but you can upgrade to guaranteed delivery for a small fee.

Learn about our guaranteed delivery option

*excluding Hermes deliveries

Labels & Paperwork

ParcelHero will provide all the paperwork you need for delivery. Before the courier arrives to collect, please ensure the labels are printed and securely affixed to each package. If you're sending to a country outside of the EU you will also need to attach the customs documentation to your parcel(s) as well as the shipping labels.

Customs Paperwork

If you're sending a parcel abroad, to a country outside the EU, our booking tool will prompt you to provide additional information so we can create your customs documents for you. These will state, what items you are sending and in what quantity, the value of each item, and the reason for shipping.

Learn more about customs

Tracking and Monitoring your Parcel Delivery

All ParcelHero services offer real time parcel tracking so you can monitor your delivery from door-to-door. You can track your shipment directly using the tracking number we provide when you book, or if you are a ParcelHero member, simply login and track your parcel directly from your dashboard.

If your shipment is delayed, or there are any issues with your delivery, we will email you and the recipient to let you know what you need to do to resolve it.

Learn more about tracking your parcel delivery

Packaging Large Items

When you send a parcel via a courier service it will be offloaded and loaded multiple times along its journey and may be subject to impact during transportation. It may also have other items placed on top of it so it's important you package your large items correctly. As a general rule, the further a shipment travels, the more handling stages it will incur. It is especially important when you are shipping large, heavy or fragile items to package them robustly and securely so it can be transported safely.

Learn more about tracking your parcel delivery


Selecting a box:

  • Ensure the box is strong and rigid enough to hold the weight of the goods inside. A new, dedicated box is the best option.
  • We recommend using a double or triple lined box for heavy items over 25kg

Internal cushioning:

  • Wrap each item individually
  • Fill the whole box with internal packaging materials so the contents are cushioned and unable to move around inside.

Securing your package:

  • Tape both ways around the box (in both directions) using strong packaging tape.
  • The more tape you apply, the stronger the box becomes.
  • Pay particular attention to flaps and corners.


Why it is safer to transport large and heavy items by pallet?

When you send large parcels by courier, they have to be loaded and unloaded onto aircraft and vehicles multiple times before they reach their destination. During the handling process heavy and awkwardly shaped packages can be damaged if they have to be hand carried. Placing items on a pallet allows them to be forklifted on and off vehicles, which dramatically reduces the risk of damage.

Can I send furniture?

Yes, if you palletise them. Safely packaging large items for transportation is really import, while ParcelHero can send furniture, these items are not covered for damage. This means that you cannot claim in the event of damage unless we pre-approve the packaging you're using. We can only transport large furniture items if they are palletised prior to collection.

Learn more about sending a freight shipment

Why are surcharges applied to oversized shipments?

Large and heavy parcels require different handling to standard shipments, and special vehicles for collection and delivery. Consequently they cost more to send. This is standard practice across the courier and logistics sector. Rest assured ParcelHero offers the cheapest courier services for large items, from couriers you can trust to deliver safely.

If I send a pallet delivery do I have to pay extra?

There are no special surcharges for sending a pallet. However please be aware a courier will measure the largest dimensions of every item, so even if your item is small, the charge will be based on the whole footprint of the pallet. For example if your item measures 50cm wide x 50cm long x 50cm high, and it is placed on a pallet that measures 120cm wide x 100cm long, then your shipment would be billed based on the entire footprint size of the pallet which is 120cm wide x 100cm long x 50cm high.

Can the courier take my shipment up the stairs?

The courier will only deliver the shipment to your door and is not authorised to assist with moving the goods into your house or premises.

Why do I have to provide assistance to the driver for loading and unloading my shipment?

Under UK health and safety regulations, your driver is only permitted to lift packages weighing under 30kg. For heavier items you need to provide assistance with loading and unloading. If you are elderly or disabled, please contact us prior to booking so we can organise special equipment for the driver to help move your goods.

Who is the best courier for large items being shipped internationally?

At ParcelHero, we only use the best global carriers, so whether you're shipping an oversized parcel delivery in the UK or overseas, ParcelHero® will always use the best courier for large parcels. All our carriers are able to transport oversized shipments, so we select them based on performance on a country by country basis.

Who are is the best large item courier service for UK delivery?

UPS, DHL Express and TNT are the best large item couriers, and the ideal for choice when you send a large parcel in the UK. If you need a pallet delivery in the UK then we recommend DHL UK and TNT.

Do ParcelHero's carriers have good environmental policies?

The Department for Transport is working with hauliers as part of their 'Freight carbon review' to reduce emissions from freight companies. ParcelHero regularly assesses our partner's environmental policies and works closely with them to ensure their policies are progressive. We encourage our carriers to keep environmental issues high on their agenda, and we strongly believe in promoting the protection of the environment.