ParcelHero International Luggage Delivery Services

ParcelHero International Luggage Delivery Services

£50 free cover as standard* *excluding Hermes deliveries

Collection or drop-off at a local shop anytime

Track your parcel from door-to-door

Send bulky or heavy items weighing up to 1,000kg

Luggage courier

You know how stressful bringing luggage with you when you fly can be if you have been stung by excess baggage charges. ParcelHero offers a cheaper, more secure alternative; baggage shipping by courier. Despite the arrival of budget airlines and lower cost air travel, charges for excess baggage have rapidly increased and sending luggage on ahead for holidays or business trips has become a highly cost-effective option. ParcelHero can ship luggage internationally to 220 countries via the services of our partner carriers.

Walk on and off the plane, avoid baggage check in and baggage reclaim at the other end while saving money by using secure, fully trackable luggage courier services. £50 free cover as standard* on every delivery, all our services are door-to-door for extra convenience and for many key destinations, next-day delivery is easily arranged.

ParcelHero international luggage shipping services include Next-day, Express, Economy and Timed services to your hotel or holiday accommodation. As well as suitcases, send your golf clubs, skis, bike or other sporting equipment direct to your holiday destination. With timed services including a money back guarantee, ParcelHero takes all the strain out of your holiday.

*excluding Hermes deliveries

Avoid Excess Airline Baggage Charges

Whether you are shipping golf clubs to Spain, water sports equipment to Thailand or a big bumper holiday suitcase, shipping baggage with ParcelHero can save you a surprising amount of money. For a standard weight bag, it is marginally cheaper to send by courier but if you have outsize or multiple baggage, the courier alternative can save hundreds of pounds.

Booking Excess Baggage Delivery

Booking an international luggage delivery with ParcelHero is simple. Just enter a few details into our instant quote tool and pick the service that suits your budget and vacation timetable. If you are sending your luggage outside the European Union, for example to Florida, you will need customs documents. These are easily created as part of the booking process. If you are shipping personal effects no duties or tax will be applied to the luggage. Check our customs information page for more information.

Make sure that you are allowed to send everything your luggage contains, check ParcelHero's list of prohibited items before you book a delivery

Under the right circumstances, we will collect same day and can offer the following transit times to key destinations:

  • New York: Next-day delivery
  • Marseille: Next-day delivery
  • Sydney: 2-4 day delivery
  • New Delhi: 2-4 day delivery
  • Hong Kong: 2-3 day delivery

To package your luggage for delivery, simply place it in a box that is large enough to house it comfortably. If the contents of your suitcase are prone to damage, add packaging peanuts or newspaper to keep the suitcase from moving and to give it some buffering. Seal up the box using packaging tape and attach the shipping documents that we autofill and send you. We recommend using a document wallet to attach the documents to your parcel.

Tracking Your Holiday Luggage Door to Door

Unlike when your luggage disappears at baggage check-in, excess baggage sent by ParcelHero can be tracked from door to door so you know exactly where your shipment is at any point in its journey. Simply log-in to see if your luggage has arrived at your hotel or resort.

It is worth checking in advance of booking that your hotel or resort is capable of receiving delivery. And to let them know to expect a shipment in your name. Any established hotel will be happy to accommodate you regarding this, but if your luggage is travelling to a smaller guesthouse or a hired villa, make sure someone is available to receive the delivery.

ParcelHero Delivers Convenience and Reliability

Saving money on excess baggage charges is only half the benefit of sending your luggage by international courier. You save time. As well as not having to transport your luggage from home to the airport, baggage check in and baggage reclaim become someone else’s frustration. You become a walk-on, walk-off passenger, and if you are travelling with kids and family, can concentrate on marshalling children through the airport with no distractions.

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