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CANADA Delivery from £22.43

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CYPRUS Delivery from £21.89

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The best international courier services

All under one umbrella, it's the ParcelHero® difference

International Parcel Delivery
to 220 Countries Worldwide

Express and Economy International Shipping from only £3.52

International package delivery is not quite as simple as sending a parcel within the UK. Additional paperwork may be required, your package travels further, and will have to pass through customs if it’s going outside the European Union.

ParcelHero® takes all the complication out of international shipping. Booking our global express services is simple, quick and highly cost-effective.

ParcelHero® offers competitive, fast and reliable worldwide parcel services to over 220 countries along with express import and economy delivery from outside the UK. We collect direct from your door and offer real time international parcel tracking on every shipment, right through to signed for delivery.

ParcelHero® partners with the world’s best couriers including UPS and DHL Express to offer cheap international shipping from the UK, with savings of up to 60% compared with booking direct. Our international rates are even lower than cheap international postage or express freight forwarder services.

Whether you’re sending an urgent international parcel delivery, a time-critical shipment or economy air freight, ParcelHero® delivers first-class global logistics services with professional courier support from our expert UK based customer service team.

International Courier Services

4.7 out of 5 based on 5890 user ratings

Quick, reliable and cheap. What more could you want?
Very happy with the service received from parcel hero. Not only was the service quick and easy to book but the price was substantially cheaper than 4 other frei ...read more »
5 / 5 stars
A quick & easy way to get various quotes all in one place. Fantastic!
Fantastic! I needed to send some packages to a friend in Germany. I've never sent multiple heavy packages outside the UK before but ParcelHero makes the whole p ...read more »
5 / 5 stars
A quick & easy way to get various quotes all in one place. Fantastic!
Fantastic! I needed to send some packages to a friend in Germany. I've never sent multiple heavy packages outside the UK before but ParcelHero makes the whole p ...read more »
5 / 5 stars
Quick and easy service to use. Live chat answered all my questions in a friendly a polite manner. I would recommend this service to anyone needing an alternati ...read more »
5 / 5 stars
Fantastic parcel made its way from uk to croatia without any problems ...
Fantastic parcel made its way from uk to croatia without any problems - arrived safely - thanks
5 / 5 stars
Quick and safe delivery.
Parcel hero service is the best. Very quick and safe delivery. I provided a wrong delivery address but all rectify and updated with ease online. I was never sad ...read more »
5 / 5 stars
Second Try - Perfect this time!
Was collect promptly and delivered with minimal fuss (unlike the last shipment) so well done.

After my last shipment I was wary of re-using PH but I ...read more »
5 / 5 stars
Fast. Friendly. Helpful
Smooth service to Portugal. Very helpful delivery man. Collection and delivery was as per booking. No problems at all. Would use the service again.
5 / 5 stars
Speedy service
Brilliant! Collected parcel day before and arrived at my daughters university the next day in afternoon, would use again
5 / 5 stars
Great quick service. Good comms.
Very good comms. Bit expensive but great service and very quick. Next day delivery. You get what you pay for. Thank you very much!
5 / 5 stars
International Shipping

Worldwide Parcel Services

ParcelHero® offers a comprehensive range of fast, flexible and cheap delivery options to suit every budget. We are one of the UK’s leading shipping companies, with world courier services to and from over 220 countries and pan-global import services. So whether you’re sending a parcel to Germany or France, importing from China, or shipping documents to the USA, ParcelHero’s® global network and hassle-free, business class door to door delivery with leading global express couriers makes sending parcels abroad a whole lot easier.


UK to worldwide with next-day delivery
to key international destinations

International Shipping from UK


Economy and express import delivery
from outside the UK

International Delivery from outside UK
International Courier Service

Global Express Delivery

Next-day USA & EU Express Delivery.

Fast 2-5 day air courier to over 220 countries.
Van transporting an urgent timed international delivery

Timed Morning Delivery

Guaranteed time-sensitive pre 9am, 10:30am and 12pm delivery
International economy transportation by freight vehicle

Cheap Worldwide Delivery

Economy delivery by road and air cargo

2 – 5 day EU transit & 3 – 7 day for worldwide destinations

We support UK businesses

As a supporter of the Exporting is Great campaign, ParcelHero is committed to supporting UK industry and the government-led drive to increase exports.

So whether you're a large corporation, an eBay trader or an SME, ParcelHero is the number one choice for your business.

Our Destinations

We Deliver to Over 220 Countries Worldwide from only £3.52
Courier Delivery to Over 220 Countries

ParcelHero® offers delivery to over 220 countries worldwide, along with offer import services for worldwide collections returning to the UK. We offer reliable door-to-door courier services provided by the world's largest carriers including DHL, UPS & DPD. Whether you need express next day-delivery, or cheap economy delivery, ParcelHero® has a service to meet every budget.

It's so easy to use ParcelHero®, get a quote, and compare prices from the world's best carriers, at savings of up to 60% against going direct. Whether your sending a parcel to the USA, or a letter to China, ParcelHero® is your one stop delivery solution.

Tracking an international package on a mobile device

International Parcel Tracking

With ParcelHero® you can track every package from door to door. Our tracking technology
offers real time scan visibility, right through to signature and final delivery so at any point in your package’s
transit, you know the status of your shipment

To use our global express tracking, simply enter your shipments tracking number (Some times referred to as
the 'airway bill number') into our our tracking page, or log into your ParcelHero® account. If you are sending
multiple packages, when you login, you can see the tracking results and status of all your shipments on the dashboard, and you can track with one click, even if you don’t have the tracking number to hand.

If your shipment is delayed, ParcelHero® will send you an email alert. If you provide a mobile number and
email address for the recipient, ParcelHero® will also send them updates and make them aware of any in-transit
issues that require their attention.

Read more about international parcel tracking

International Courier Prices

& Upgrades
Pile of coins representing savings from cheap worldwide parcel delivery

Getting a ParcelHero® quote for cheap global shipping is quick and easy. Simply enter your details and select your preferred service. All our online quotes include any applicable surcharges.

Our cheap courier prices are based on both the size and weight of each parcel, so it’s important you enter accurate weight and size details.

The only additional charge that will be applied during the booking process is our home delivery surcharge if you’re sending to a residential address.

Learn more about surcharges

ParcelHero® offers cheap international parcel delivery with savings of up to 60% against booking direct, and with low prices from £13.60 for shipments up to 30kg in weight, you can even save against cheap postage rates:

  • EU Delivery from £3.52
  • Cheap USA Delivery from £24.01
  • Australia Parcel Delivery from £21.74
  • Asia Parcel Service from £21.97
  • Cheap India Parcel Delivery from £21.97


Enhanced cover

Parcel Insurance

ParcelHero® offers £50 free cover as standard on all worldwide parcel services.

You can upgrade to additional cover up to £20,000 by selecting the enhanced cover option during the booking process.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If you are sending parcels abroad using one of ParcelHero’s timed services, your shipment is covered by a service guarantee.

For other services, we offer a money back guarantee upgrade option which entitles you to a full refund if your shipment is delivered late.

Learn more about guaranteed delivery

International Shipping

to Remote Areas
International shipping to remote areas

ParcelHero® also offers delivery to remote worldwide locations including offshore islands. Remote areas generally take longer to deliver to and may include the services of a local ‘on-site’ courier for the final stage of the journey.

Remote areas also cost more to deliver to and therefore incur a surcharge. If applicable, this is applied
during the booking process. In some cases, a remote delivery may have delayed tracking updates.

Learn more about shipping to remote areas

Large and Heavy

International Parcel Delivery

Box measurements
Heavy Weight
Forklift truck

ParcelHero® specializes in overseas shipping for large or heavy items. Not all international courier companies provide this service.
We can ship parcels and pallets up to a maximum of 1000kg in weight or 270cm in length.

For items weighing more than 50kg, we require booking 24 hours in advance and you will need to provide
loading or unloading assistance to the driver.

Learn more about shipping large and heavy international parcels

Packaging your items safely for

International Delivery

When sending parcels abroad your shipment will be handled multiple times, it will be loaded on and off vehicles and aircraft and may have
other packages placed on top of it. It may also be subject to environmental pressures such as extreme temperatures, vibrations
and impact when being handled. It is therefore important your items are packaged correctly to avoid any possibility of damage.

The most important things to consider when packaging your items is to ensure your box is sufficiently robust, that the packaging
tape you use is of sufficient quality and the items inside are adequately cushioned:

Box strength

1. Box strength

Use a strong box that's capable of
supporting the weight of your items.
We recommend using a double lined box
for any items over 10 kg in weight.

Internal Cushioning

2. Internal Packaging

  • Wrap each item individually
  • Use at least 7cm of internal cushioning
    (such as polystyrene peanuts) before
    placing your items inside the box.
  • Each items should be placed near the centre
    of the box, and not be touching each other,
    or the external walls of the box.
  • Once your items are inside, fill the whole box
    with packaging material, there should be no
    movements at all inside the box.
Packaging Tape

3. Labelling and Taping

  • Make sure you remove any old labels
    from the box.
  • Use proper packaging tape. The tape is
    really important as it gives the box extra
  • Tape both ways around the box, at least
    three times each way, making sure you
    cover all the joins and corners of the box.
  • Place the labels on using a documents
    enclosed wallet (The courier can
    normally provide) alternatively tape a
    label onto each box, ensuring you do not
    cover the barcode with tape.

1. Your box - Make sure it’s sufficiently strong to support the contents and also other boxes
being placed on top of it.

2. Internal packaging - Wrap each of your items separately and fill the box with additional
cushioning material such as bubble wrap or polystyrene packing chips to ensure there is no
movement inside the box.

3. Labelling and securing your parcel - Use strong packaging tape and apply all-round
the box, paying attention to the flaps and seams. The more tape you use, the more strength you give
your box. Ensure your label is securely attached to the box, and the barcode is straight and clearly visible.

Learn more about packaging your parcel

Global Express FAQ's

Do I need to provide additional documentation for customs if I am only shipping an envelope or documents?
No, you don’t need to provide a customs invoice or any additional documentation if you’re only sending an envelope or document. However, if your shipment contains any other items, such as a DVD, then a customs invoice is required.
Will I have to pay and customs duty or tax if I am sending documents?
No, there will be no additional customs charges if you’re only sending documents.
Does ParcelHero® provide an international postal service?
No. International postal deliveries have no tracking and generally do not offer signed for delivery. Packages sent by post are transported by postal operators in each market, and reliability is generally a lot less than courier services. ParcelHero® offers worldwide courier services with prices that are generally cheaper than international postage services offered by companies such as Royal Mail, and are backed by real time parcel tracking and signed for delivery.
Will I have to pay any surcharges if I am sending a large parcel?
Possibly. Some large items incur additional surcharges as couriers charge on the size or weight of the item, whichever is greater. The larger a package is, the more space it takes up on an aircraft or vehicle, and the more it will cost to send. All surcharges are included in your quote, so as long as the weight and dimensions you enter are accurate, the price you are quoted online will include all applicable oversize surcharges. Check out our volumetric weight calculator in our tools section if you would like to learn more about how the size of your parcel affects the price.
When I send parcel post, do your prices include everything?
Yes, apart from any customs charges. The price we quote you for delivery includes all applicable surcharges and door to door delivery. The only costs not included are customs excise duty and tax. These charges are outside of our control as they are applied, at point of entry, by the government of the country you are sending to.
Will the receiver have to pay any additional charges and if so how much?
Possibly. If Customs charges are applied to your shipment then your receiver is usually responsible for resolving any payment due. Customs duty and tax are applied directly by the customs authority in the country you’re sending to and are calculated on the type of items you’re sending, the value you declare, and the reason you’re sending them. If you need to know in advance what level of customs duty will be applied, contact the local customs authority in the destination country.
Learn more about customs charges
Do I have to pay customs duty or tax if I am shipping personal effects or sending a gift?
It depends on the county you are sending to. Some countries do not apply duty or tax on personal effects and gifts under a certain value. However there are often terms and conditions attached, such as; you may need to be resident in the country, or sending to an individual who is resident. The receiver may also need to complete additional paperwork to ensure taxes are not applied. For more information please contact our customer care team.
Do you provide an international pallet service?
Yes. We can send pallets up to 1000kg in weight but you will need to provide loading facilities at the collection and delivery locations. If you’re sending more than one pallet, it can often be more cost effective to send these via road or cargo instead of air. Contact our customer care team for a bespoke quote.
How does ParcelHero’s® service differ from that of a freight forwarder?
Freight Forwarders generally fly goods direct with airlines rather than using major couriers such as UPS and DHL. Freight Forwarder companies generally offer limited or no international parcel tracking and even the largest global logistics groups, who offer express freight solutions, struggle to match the transit times offered by UK international couriers such as UPS & DHL. Freight Forwarders’ express freight services are often not door to door and carry many more surcharges, whereas ParcelHero’s cheap international courier services offer all inclusive prices at huge discounts. ParcelHero® overseas courier service offers faster transit times, real time tracking and door-to-door delivery services.
What delivery agents does ParcelHero® work with?
Because we’re passionate about shipping, and delivering service to our customers, ParcelHero® only works with the best global couriers including: DHL Express, FedEx Express, UPS, TNT, DPD and Parcelforce Worldwide.
Does ParcelHero® only work with companies?
Anyone can send a shipment with ParcelHero® no matter whether you’re a company or a private individual, you don’t even need to register, but if ship regularly, you can save up to 10% by registering with us.
Are there any types of things I cannot send?
When shipping internationally there are many types of products which are not allowed to be shipped. These are referred to as prohibited items. Some items are prohibited by particular couriers, and some are prohibited by the government of the destination country. Prohibited items include goods that could be dangerous or flammable, such as perfume, or restricted items, such as medicines, or goods that could go off such as some food types. Review our prohibited items list, then if your still concerned check with the destination countries customs website. Here are some useful links for popular countries:
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