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Cost of delivery services to Albania

Send a parcel to Albania and save with ParcelHero

Parcel delivery can be fast and cheap when you book with the world’s best couriers through ParcelHero. We only partner with the very best carriers, those that we can be sure will work to the same high standards as we do. We choose companies that have proven track records for parcel delivery to Albania and which are known to have the most extensive, efficient and secure delivery networks. We offer a selection of courier services to cater for virtually any type of delivery, whether business or personal, and when your delivery arrives we will send you an email to let you know.


Speedy delivery to destinations throughout Albania


Collections from throughout Albania for parcel delivery to the UK

Clearing customs in Albania

Albania is not currently part of the EU and so any items you send into the country will have to pass through customs. If the contents of your parcel are valued at more than 100USD, it will incur duties and taxes. These will be collected by the local government, ParcelHero will not be involved in this at any point.

The ParcelHero website will automatically generate customs documents for you from information you enter during the booking process. All you have to do is print it out and attach it to the parcel.

Are there Albanian customs rules?

When shipping to Albania you will need to make sure that you don’t send any items that are restricted from import, such as tobacco, graphite products, jewellery or magnetised materials. If you are concerned that your items might be on the restricted import list, have a look at the Albania customs authorities website. ParcelHero also has rules about Prohibited and Restricted items.

Can I send food to Albania?

It’s simple to ship food to Albania with ParcelHero. Just ensure that the food in your package is store bought and in the original packaging. Homemade and perishable foods are not allowed.

Can I send documents to Albania?

ParcelHero ensures you get great savings even on document packages, which don’t have customs duties applied during the clearance process, making it simple to deliver them to Albania.

Can I send freight to Albania?

ParcelHero can carry large goods that are up to 1,000kg in weight and 270cm in length at rates that are significantly cheaper than booking directly. Enjoy great savings on parcels of all shapes and sizes.

Exporting your business to Albania

Albania is one of the UK’s smallest trading partners, but there is plenty of opportunity for an enterprising British business to establish themselves. However, there is little information on doing so, so be sure to do your research on things like customs rates, taxation and local postage networks. Rest assured however, that Albania is considered a relatively good country in which to do business according to the World Bank. For more information and to see exporting opportunities, see our government partner Exporting is Great.

How do I address a Parcel to Albania?

It can sometimes to be difficult to find the right address when shipping internationally. To make things as simple as possible for our delivery partners, make sure that the address on your parcel to Albania includes:

  • Mr John Smith [Name]
  • Ruga Myslym Shyri [street]
  • Pallati 37 shkalla 4 apartamenti 15 [delivery point information]
  • 1001 [post code]
  • TIRANA [locality]
  • ALBANIA [Country]

Albanian postcodes are four digits long. They indicate the nearest post office to the destination address, from which it is simpler to locate the actual address.

Public Holidays in Albania

Whether you are sending a gift or time sensitive package to a friend or a customer, you will need to consider public holidays and weekends, as couriers will not make deliveries on these days. Plan around these dates when making your booking.

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