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Cost of delivery services to Andorra

Parcel Weight
Your Savings
Parcel Weight:5kg
ParcelHero: £46.44
Royalmail.com: £68.45
Your Savings:58%
Parcel Weight:10kg
ParcelHero: £47.92
Royalmail.com: £91.95
Your Savings:64%
Parcel Weight:20kg
ParcelHero: £47.92
Royalmail.com: £116.95
Your Savings:72%

Cheap parcel courier service to Andorra

ParcelHero offers premium parcel delivery to Andorra without the premium prices. We can deliver to any town, city or village, whether you’re looking to send personal gifts or business items. Whatever you are sending, and whoever you are sending with, your items will receive the same fantastic delivery service.

ParcelHero only uses the most reputable carriers to send parcels to Andorra. We work with those companies that we know can deliver the same high standards that we aspire to and who will make sure our customers have a positive experience every time. Thanks to our considerable buying power we can still offer very affordable prices, despite the fact that our service is premium quality. All our parcels are scanned so you can keep an eye on your parcel at every stage of its journey. When it arrives at its destination we will also send you an email to let you know it has been received.

Transit times take between 2 and 8 days depending on whether you have chosen our express, or economy services. Occasionally, a package may be held by customs authorities – something which is out of ParcelHero’s control – however because we use experienced carriers they are usually able to resolve issues quickly so that the package can be sent on. There are some parts of the country that are harder to reach than others and so are classed as remote areas. If you are sending a parcel to one of these areas then there may be a slight increase in the transit time for your delivery, as well as a small surcharge. We will factor both of these in from the start of the process so that you don’t get any unexpected price increases along the way.

There are some incredible ski locations in Andorra, such as Soldeu in Canillo. If you’re heading out to this part of the world for some time on the slopes, then why not use ParcelHero’s cheap courier services to Andorra to send your skis on ahead. You can travel ski-free and you will also be able to avoid paying the excess baggage charges levied by the airlines too.


Send an oversized parcel from the UK to Andorra


Collect from anywhere in the world for large parcel delivery to the UK

Passing Andorran customs

If the items you are sending to Andorra are valued under €12 you will not have to pay and customs duties or taxes, anything valued over that will be charged. The items you are sending to Andorra may be prohibited from import either by the country or by the carrier, so it is worth checking before you book. As Andorra is not within the EU you will need to provide a customs invoice with your parcel so that it can be cleared by the customs authorities when it arrives in the country. ParcelHero will generate these documents for you with information gathered during the booking process so that all you have to do is print it out and attach it to the parcel before it is picked up.

You must declare the value of the goods you are sending. There may be taxes and duties to pay on your items and these are charged at the point at which the item goes through customs clearance. As these charges are not set or collected by ParcelHero - or by the carrier – we cannot include them in the quote that we give you. Andorra prohibits selected items from importing into the country including:

  • Advertising
  • Artwork
  • Binders
  • Buttons
  • Books
  • Wigs

To find out more about Andorran customs laws visit the official Andorran customs site, also read through ParcelHero’s list of prohibited items before you book a delivery.

Some of our courier services to Andorra

Door to door

Express Delivery

Next day delivery

Door to door Book by 2:45pm
975 ratings
Door to door

Economy Delivery

6+ days

Door to door Book by 2:45pm
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How to address your parcel to Andorra

Addresses in Andorra vary slightly spending on how remote the destination address is. If in doubt, contact your parcel’s recipient and confirm the correct address format. Your parcel’s address should follow the below example:

  • Juan Smith [Recipient]
  • 66 L'Inconnue Prego [Street name and address]
  • AD501 Andorra La Vella [Postcode and locality]

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