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2-4 day delivery across Asia at unbeatable value. Compare prices for the best carriers. Easy booking and no account needed. Help your recipient out, choose ParcelHero to ensure they get a fast, professional delivery service.

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Unbeatable 2-day delivery to most Asian cities including Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and many others. Compare prices and delivery times across Asia

Asian Customs

If you're selling goods to Asia, or sending something of high value, you might want to check how much duty will be payable first.

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£50 free cover as standard*
Collection or drop-off at a local shop anytime
Track your parcel from door-to-door
Send bulky or heavy items weighing up to 1,000kg
Feefo Service ratingService rating
4.6 out of 5 based on 18127 user ratings
Eleanor Fisher
Excellent service, back up and communication
Prompt collection on booked date, quick delivery from England to Tasmania, reasonable cost in comparison with other couriers. This is my second dispatch on this route with ParcelHero, and I would certainly use them again. Good communication.
Abdeljali Rouabah
Great prices, and impressive online customer service
I have used ParcelHero to ship boxes from the UK to abroad, so far so good, I used them 3 times. They have very good prices and and great customer service. The first time when I want to place an order due to my internet coverage the payment went trough without getting the labels, I did not find their phone number so I had to contact them via their website, actually I was impressed about the responsiveness of their customer support. I got my money back in about 48 hours. also if you sign in , every time you place an order you earn 1% towards your next orde. which is good.<br /><br />The only drawback that they don't have phone number to contact them, but it doesn't heart much as they are very active online <br />Over all I like them and I will use them again and again. <br /><br />Pracelhero, if you read my review please keep it up and do not mess it up. <br /><br />thank you
Tracy Kershaw
Excellent exceeded my expectations. Will definitely be using again . H ...
Excellent parcel was picked up from my house and was able to track the parcel to New Zealand that got there really fast really impressed with this service
Dachi Khutsishvili
I am very happy with the provided service
They pick up the parcel on time and got delivered in Georgia earlier than I expected
Daniel Portman
Fast, reliable and easy service
Fast, reliable and great service. It was very easy to use and delivered earlier than expected.
Malcolm Kelly
Simple, fast, efficient
Simple to use, all instructions were clear and helpful, FedEx collected exactly when predicted and parcel delivered to Australia in under 5 days. Excellent value for money
Crystal Spaeth
Delivery Heroes
Always easy to book a delivery and easy to make changes. <br />They are customer friendly.
Siobhan MacRae
Speedy, friendly and professional service!
Excellent service. Pick up from my doorstep in Scotland and delivered to Austin within a few days, over the new year period!
Paul Dwyer
Perfect service
Perfect service easy intuitive website and great choice.worked flawlessly GB to USA 8 days over the holiday period excellent.
Sarah Harkness
First class!
Very impressed, they sorted out any issues with customs and got it here so fast

Cheap Asia postage
services from £14.32

Our postage services offer Fastrack customs clearance and unbeatable value. Compare prices from China Post, Japan Post and post offices across Asia.

Transit days are around 5-7 days longer than express, but prices are up to 50% lower.

Asia to UK Import from £26.50

We can collect same day from most Asian cities with 1 - 3 day transit times back to the UK. Whether you need to import freight from Beijing, or send a parcel from Tokyo to the UK, our import services offer exceptional value.

Sending food to Asia

Asia has incredible food, but if you’re English, living in Asia and miss your pie and mash, you may find yourself yearning for a few naughties, whether that be English mustard, some Cadbury's chocolate or even a Pot Noodle!

Whilst we might not be able to deliver all your cravings, ParcelHero can ship most foods.

Asia Prohibited items

Most country restrictions are just common sense, but every Asian country does have its own unique restrictions. Thailand prohibits imported water pipes, and goods with the Thai flag, whereas Vietnam prohibits coffee and products containing advertising material. If you’re sending something obscure, check out the restrictions before shipping.

We're helping UK businesses sell and export to Asia

As a partner and supporter of the UK's Exporting is Great campaign, we're working hard to help UK businesses export.

Doing business in Asia is harder than selling closer to home, but it's getting easier all the time. There’s an incredible opportunity for UK exporters, digitalisation and demographics are driving huge growth in e-commerce, with Asian e-commerce set to reach $2 trillion by 2025.

Import duties average around 12% across Asia. Some countries like China do not have any deminimis value, however many countries do, for example Japan’s deminimis value is around £65 (10,000 JPY), which means you can sell tax and duty free to Japan, as long as the shipment is below this threshold.


The main free trade agreement in Asia is AFTA (Asian free trade agreement), with 10 member countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. Only goods originating from an AFTA country and shipping to another AFTA country can ship tax and duty free.

Some Asian countries do have deminimis thresholds. This means goods sent under the deminimis limit are duty and tax free. Use our handy lookup tool to check the deminimis threshold for your destination country.

The UK rate of VAT is 20%, and duty rates vary depending on the product your importing. Shipments under £135 are generally not subject to import duty, but are still subject to 20% VAT.

Unfortunately we don’t currently offer shipping services by Sea, all our Asian delivery services are by air. However we do expect to introduce a less than container load service by sea in the near future, so watch this space!