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Welcome to ParcelHero, the UK's favourite Australia parcel delivery service. We offer express and economy delivery you can trust, through the world's biggest carriers at savings of up to 70% against going direct.

What's on this page?

Cost of delivery services to Australia

Australia Collection & Delivery Service

ParcelHero offers same day collection across most of the UK and Australia, with booking times as late as 4pm in many urban areas.

You will need to print your shipping labels and paperwork prior to the courier collecting.

Deliveries are made between 9am and 7pm on weekdays, with timed delivery services available to many areas.

3 delivery attempts are included in the service as standard, however some rural areas are delivered by Australia post, with only 1 delivery attempt being made.

Learn more about collection & delivery

Clearing Australian Customs

Whether you're sending a parcel to Australia, or importing from Australia to the UK, you will need to complete customs paperwork declaring what your shipping and why. ParcelHero® will produce this paperwork for you during the booking process.

Most low value items travelling through customs do incur import duty and tax, however this depends on the goods you are sending and their value. You can check with the customs authority in Australia for specific import rates, but here is some basic guidelines:

  1. Imports with a value under AU$1,000 are exempt from import duty, GST and all other customs processing charges.
  2. All goods arriving into Australia valued over AU$1,000 are considered dutiable.
  3. In addition to duty, imports into Australia also incur goods sales tax (GST) of 10% and will be subject to a customs service fee (normally around $150)
  4. Duty rates range from 0-10%, with the average rate of duty being around 5%, however some goods such as some electronic products are exempt entirely.

Learn more about Australia tariff classification.

Sending Gifts to Australia

If you want to send a gift to Australia, there are a number of important factors you need to consider. Whether you're sending a hamper, a Christmas present or a Birthday gift, the single most important thing you'll want to be sure of, is that you're gift arrives in time for the special day. Here are some things to remember when you send a gift to Australia:

  1. You will need to produce customs paperwork which describes the gifts you're shipping, the reason you're sending them and their value. The ParcelHero booking tool will automatically generate this for you when you book online.
  2. If your gifts are valued at less than AUD 1,000 you should not incur any import duty or tax, however for gifts over $1,000 Australian customs will apply charges of AUD 150 + 10% GST (Goods service tax). Remember it's the receiver that will incur these charges, not you.
  3. It's therefore important that you do not ‘over declare' the value, as the receiver will end up paying a higher amount of duty and tax. For example if you bought the goods in a sale, declare the sale value not the normal price. The value should always be accurate, otherwise it may not be accepted by Australian customs.

Prices and surcharges when shipping to Australia

Normal Post Office rates for shipping to or from Australia get a lot more expensive when the package exceeds 2 kg. ParcelHero's amazing prices offer significant savings when compared with postage costs to Australia. Our prices also include all applicable surcharges so you don't have to worry about any nasty surprises.

The only thing you need to ensure is that the size and dimensions you enter online are accurate, as we rely on this information to provide you a quote, and we charge on both the physical weight of each item and the size.

Learn more about our prices and surcharges when shipping to Australia

Shipping Large Parcels and Air Freight to Australia

ParcelHero is a specialist in sending large and heavy parcels. Whether you're shipping a surf board, or have a heavy pallet delivery that you would like to send via air freight, ParcelHero can help.

When sending freight deliveries to or from Australia, please note the following:

Learn more about tracking your parcel delivery


How large can my parcel be?

We accept individual parcels up to 1,000 kg in weight, however we recommend packages over 50kg are palletised.


Do I have to book in advance?

If a package exceeds 50 kg, you will need to book the collection 24 hours in advance and provide assistance with loading and unloading.


What about pallets?

Wooden pallets must be fumigated prior to export from the UK, in order to be cleared for import into Australia. If you are unable to get a fumigated pallet for your goods, then we recommend you source a plastic pallet instead.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping to Australia

Shipping luggage, excess baggage and personal effects to Australia

ParcelHero can save you time, hassle and excess baggage fees by shipping your luggage or personal effects. If you're sending personal effects to Australia, as long as you meet certain conditions, your luggage should not incur any import duty or tax charges.

Conditions for shipping unaccompanied goods to Australia:

  1. The goods must have owned for at least 12 months prior to shipping to Australia.
  2. The owner of the goods must be a permanent Australian resident or a migrant taking up residency.
  3. Some items such as perfumes are not considered personal effects.
  4. The owner must complete a B534 form prior to shipping.

Useful Links:

  1. A guide to shipping parcels to Australia
  2. Australian border control guidance
  3. B534 Personal effects form

Sending food to Australia

Sending your favourites foods to a loved one on the other side of the world can be a fabulous gift! Whether your thing is marmite or vegemite, there is nothing quite like the taste of home! Unfortunately sending food to Australia can be a bit of a minefield, but don't worry because as always ParcelHero is here to help.

Importing food for personal consumption is governed by the Australian department of Agriculture. Whilst there are grey areas and we always advise checking in advance of shipping, there are some general rules of thumb. Make sure the goods that you send are store bought and in their original packaging, with a best before date more than six months away. Perishable or homemade food is not allowed.

Can I send a hamper to Australia?

Yes you can ship hampers with ParcelHero. However we cannot ship alcohol to Australia, so you will need to ensure any alcohol is removed from the hamper.

If I am sending a gift to Australia, will I have to pay any additional charges?

No, so long as the shipment value is below AUS $1,000 then you should not incur any import duty or tax charges.

If I send my luggage to Australia, will I incur any customs charges?

So long as you complete the B534 form, are an Australian resident or moving to Australia, then you should not incur any additional charges when shipping luggage to Australia.

Does ParcelHero offer a freight service?

Yes we offer both express and economy air freight delivery. We can ship pallets up to 1,000 kg in weight. If you have a large consignment contact us for bespoke pricing. Please note that wooden pallets must be fumigated prior to export from the UK in order to be imported into Australia. Alternatively you could use a plastic pallet instead.

How does ParcelHero's service differ to a postal service?

Unlike postage services, when sending a parcel to Australia with ParcelHero you'll always get real time tracking, fast delivery, and a signature at the point of delivery. What's more we're also cheaper than postal rates to Australia. It's a win-win for you.

What can't I ship to Australia?

ParcelHero has a list of prohibited items, which are applicable for all international courier services. Additionally Australian customs also prohibit the importation of specific products into the country. Learn more.