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ParcelHero makes delivery to Belgium a breeze. Thanks to partnerships with some of the world’s leading couriers, you can get great prices on express and economy shipments to Belgium, while still getting the best service possible. With next day delivery from the UK to Brussels and Antwerp and on import services, it’s never too late to save on delivery with ParcelHero.

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Everything you need to know about shipping to Belgium

Clearing customs in Belgium

More than just a member nation, Belgium is the heart of the European Union and, as such, adheres to the free movement of people and goods. That means that your parcel won’t have to worry about clearing customs as long as you’re sending from within the EU. If you’re shipping from outside of the EU, your goods will be subject to duties and taxes if they are worth more than €150.

When shipping from outside the EU, be sure to give ParcelHero enough detail to generate your paperwork, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Is there anything that I am not allowed to send to Belgium?

Like when it comes to clearing customs, there are rules for what you can send to Belgium, even if their borders are open within the EU. Fortunately, Belgium’s rules are relatively relaxed, and fall in line with the goods that ParcelHero don’t carry. You can find a full list of restricted goods on our Restricted and Prohibited Items page, where we explain what you can and can’t ship by courier.

Can I send my luggage to Brussels ahead of me?

If you don’t want to worry about booking luggage for your flight, ParcelHero can deliver your package to your hotel, so that it’s there waiting for you. You can send it back when you’re done in Brussels, and our door-to-door service will have it home before you know it.

Can I send an oversized parcel to Belgium cities?

You can. In fact, ParcelHero works with specialist freight carriers like TNT in order to offer the best prices. Just like a normal shipment, we take care of the paperwork, so once you’ve made your booking, we will take care of the heavy lifting.

Can I send food from Belgium to the UK?

Belgium is home to some of the most decadent food in Europe, but don’t get your hopes up for sending some tasty treats home. Those fresh waffles don’t keep, and any food that you’d like to ship has to be non-perishable. It also has to be store bought and original packaging. So it’s bad news for the waffle shipment, but chocolate will likely make it home just fine.

How do I address a Parcel to Belgium?

When shipping internationally, you must make sure that you get the address right in order to minimise the risk of something going wrong in the delivery process. In Belgium, shipping addresses should include:

  • M. John Smith [name]
  • Rue du Cornet 6 [street and number]
  • B-4800 [postcode]
  • VERVIERS [town or city]
  • BELGIUM [country]

Postcodes in Belgium are made up of four digits, the first of which indicates the province that the destination address is in. The more zeroes there are in a Belgium postcode, the more people live in that destination. For example, Brussels’ postal code is 1000, as it is the largest city in the district. A postcode with less zeroes, like 1190, might be used for a smaller district – in this case Vorst.

Are there dates that you don’t deliver?

Everyone need a break sometimes, and we have our waffle time on weekends and public holidays. That means we won’t be delivering on those days, so be sure to plan around them. Use the dates below to make sure you pick the best shipping option to make sure your parcel arrives in good time.

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