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Cheap UK shipping to Brazil

Parcel to Brazil

Express and Economy Brazilian Parcel Delivery from only £28.04

£50 free protection as standard* *excluding Hermes deliveries

Collection or drop-off at a local shop anytime

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Send bulky or heavy items weighing up to 1,000kg

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Cost of delivery services to Brazil

Cheapest courier services to Brazil

ParcelHero offers you the cheapest rates of any UK courier for sending parcels to Brazil. Our delivery services are reliable, secure, and you can receive a premium shipping solution – without the premium price tag.

Make use of the world’s most reliable and secure delivery networks through ParcelHero’s full portfolio of courier services to Brazil. You can view real-time scan information when you track your parcel from collection to delivery. You can also set up email notifications for you and your parcel’s recipient so you can share peace of mind. It’s all part of the amazing service we offer as standard here at ParcelHero.

Delivery transit times to Brazil are 2-5 days. Transit time will vary from location to location and also according to the service you select. Delivery transit times are also pending customs clearance.

ParcelHero’s international courier services include express and economy deliveries to Brazil. Simply enter a few details in our quote form above to get started.


Speedy delivery across Brazil


We collect across Brazil for shipping to the UK

Passing customs in Brazil

Worried about passing customs? Don't be, we automatically fill out and send you all the customs documentation that you'll need for your parcel to be delivered safely

As with every country, Brazil has a specific list of items that are prohibited from entering the country under any conditions. Brazil’s list includes:

  • Pornographic material
  • Counterfeit money and goods
  • Fish and fish products

Restricted items can be shipped only if certain conditions are met. Restricted items for Brazil include:

  • Photo, audio and video equipment
  • Computers
  • Bicycles

At ParcelHero, we also have a list of prohibited items that we do not carry. Be sure to check carefully that the contents of your parcel are allowed into Brazil.

Explore the official Brazilian customs site for more information on what you can and cannot import (The site is in Portuguese).

Doing business in Brazil

As the 7th largest economy in the world, Brazil presents many opportunities for businesses and investors. As 400 of the world’s top 500 companies have operations in Brazil, you should not encounter major issues porting your UK business.

A few selected advantages to doing business in Brazil are:

  • Eurocentric business system
  • Advanced banking system
  • Political stability

Disadvantages to doing business in Brazil:

  • High taxes
  • Complicated legal system
  • Corruption
  • Large distances between major cities
  • Some major cultural differences

Exporting opportunities in Brazil for British companies:

  • Healthcare equipment
  • Oil and gas technologies and project management
  • Water sanitation industry
  • Education
  • Mining technology and project management
  • High quality foodstuffs

For more tips on exporting to Brazil check out this guide from our government partner Exporting is Great.

Addressing your parcel to Brazil

Addresses in Brazil follow a similar pattern to the address below:

  • John Smith [Name]
  • Rua Zapato de Porto Tres 1391 [street name + house/building number]
  • Sao Paulo-SP [city-Province Code]
  • 07631-000 [postal code]
  • BRAZIL [country name]

Bear in mind that there can be significant differences between Brazilian addresses based upon your parcel’s destination. In more rural locations, it is not uncommon to include the neighbourhood in the destination address. Check the address you enter into our delivery booking system carefully before paying for your shipment.

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