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£50 free cover as standard* *excluding Hermes deliveries

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Cost of delivery services to Burma

Cheap parcel courier to Burma

No matter what you are looking to send, whether it is key work documents or personal gifts for friends and family, ParcelHero can make sure you get the right service at the right price. Sending parcels to Burma (also known as Myanmar) with ParcelHero is quick and simple.

We partner with the very best carriers, so you can always be sure of the same high levels of service for parcel delivery to Burma with ParcelHero. We only use the carriers that have established delivery networks and a positive reputation for delivery and we will also provide you with full tracking on your order so that you can see exactly how efficient our carriers really are. As our parcels are scanned at every stage in their journey you can monitor the progress of your item from the point of collection to the moment that it is delivered – we will even send you an email when it has arrived to confirm.


Sending parcels to Burma, no matter their size, has never been easier


Shipping to the UK from Burma is easy with ParcelHero

Passing Burma customs

Burma is not within the EU and so you will need to send a customs invoice with your parcel in order for it to clear local customs. The ParcelHero website will generate this for you using information you provide about the items you are sending during the booking process. All you have to do is print the invoice out and attach it to the parcel.

If the value of the contents of your parcel is under $50 then you will not have to pay any customs duty or taxes You will need to make sure that you don’t send any items that are restricted from import – if you do then your parcel may be held by customs or could even be seized. To learn more about Burmese customs rules read through the official site, also check ParcelHero’s list of prohibited items to make sure you are not sending anything that is prohibited.

How to address your parcel to Burma

Addresses in Burma are fairly straightforward, your parcel should follow the example below:

  • John Smith [Recipient]
  • 5846 Richieleekyappe St. [Street address]
  • Yangoon, 87342 [Locality + postcode]
  • Burma

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