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Cost of delivery services to Cambodia

Cheap parcel courier services to Cambodia

If you’re looking for parcel delivery to Cambodia then ParcelHero offers a range of fantastic options to suit every budget. We use only the most secure and efficient delivery networks to speed our parcels to Cambodia, but whilst our service is premium our prices are not – we offer some of the most affordable rates around.

Transit times to Cambodia are 2-4 days, pending customs clearance. There are some areas of the country that are harder to get to than others, whether because of bad roads or a lack of direct routes. These more remote locations add a small surcharge to the overall shipping cost and will also increase the transit time. If your package is affected by this we will factor it into your quote from the start.


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Passing Cambodian customs

As you progress through the booking process we will ask you for certain information about the items you are sending. We will use this in order to generate a customs invoice to accompany your package so that it can clear Cambodian customs and progress on to its final delivery destination.

Duties and taxes may be charged on the goods you send. ParcelHero does not calculate or charge for these as this is done by the local government when the items reach the country – this is why we cannot include any applicable amounts in your shipping quote.

If you are sending agricultural equipment, school materials, pharmaceutical products and sporting goods your shipment is exempt from taxes and duties. If the value of the goods you're sending is under $50USD you will not need to pay duties and taxes.

You must make sure that you are not trying to send any restricted or prohibited items into Cambodia. If you do this then you may find that the items in your parcel are delayed or even destroyed by the local customs authorities.

The following is a selection of items that are prohibited from entering Cambodia:

  • Ceramic products
  • Clocks
  • Coffee
  • Cotton
  • Electronic games
  • 35mm film
  • Leather goods
  • Marble products
  • Toys

To find more about shipping to Cambodia visit the official customs site, also read ParcelHero's list of prohibited items before you book your delivery.

How to address your parcel to Cambodia

Cambodian addresses can vary from locality to locality, so be sure to check with your recipient before booking your parcel delivery. Your recipient’s address should look similar to the address below:

  • John Smith [Recipient]
  • 226 Blig Hou Street [Street address]
  • Phoum Deum [locality]
  • Peng Leng 1421 [Postal code]
  • Cambodia

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