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You don’t need to look far for the best deals on shipping parcels to Canada. With a cheapest price guarantee, ParcelHero® gives you peace of mind when it comes to finding reliable international delivery to Canada for less.

  • £50 free insurance on every shipment
  • Cheapest price guarantee when shipping to Canada
  • Live door-to-door delivery tracking
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Great service, i will deffo use you again as i send parcels to diffrent parts of the world, thank you again


ParcelHero® offers you next day delivery to most major Canadian cities, including Toronto and Ottawa. Simply enter your details into our easy-to-use booking engine and see how much you can save on courier delivery to Canada today.

We work with the biggest couriers in the industry to make sure that your parcel will get to its destination as quickly and safely as possible. Pick from the world’s top brands including UPS and FedEx, to experience the best possible service. Our smart booking system allows you to get the best shipping rates combined with the ideal transit times for your order.

What's on this page?

  1. How much can I save on shipping to Canada?
  2. How long does it take for a parcel to get to Canada?
  3. What duties and taxes will I be charged by Canadian Customs?
  4. What can I send to Canada with ParcelHero®?
  5. What is the address format in Canada?
  6. Can I send a gift to Canada on a national holiday?
  7. Doing business in Canada


Price Comparison

Whether you’re looking for express business shipping, or economy courier options, ParcelHero offers everyone fantastic prices for sending parcels to Canada:

Booking a delivery through ParcelHero is up to 53% cheaper than booking through RoyalMail online

As Canada occupies an area of more than 3.8billion square miles, postage times differ across the nation. For example, sending a shipment from the United Kingdom to Yellowknife will take a minimum of 3 days, compared to mailing a shipment to Vancouver which can be there the next day.  


Courier Services Offered to Canada

ParcelHero provides you with the best options for speed and price when sending your items to Canada. You can expect a Super Economy delivery to take four days or more to arrive. This is our cheapest delivery service to Canada. Our Economy delivery services take between 3-4 days and our Priority delivery services can have your parcel delivered by the next business day.

It is worth noting that Canada is the second largest country on Earth and has a population of over 36 million. Due to the huge area that the nation occupies, prices and delivery times differ throughout; even when using the same service.

As vast swathes of Canada are an icy tundra, many Canadian addresses are located in remote areas. Remote areas are defined by courier companies as areas that are not easily accessible for pickups and deliveries. Extra charges will apply if your destination address is located within a remote area. Most deliveries won’t have this charge though, as more than 50% of Canadians live in the small south-eastern pocket of land that borders the USA. This is because Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa; Canada’s 1st, 2nd and 4th biggest cities respectively, are found in this area.


Customs Charges when sending to Canada

Any parcel that arrives in Canada through international shipping must pass through Canada Border Service Agency (customs) before it finds its way into a delivery truck.

When shipping a parcel from the UK to an international destination, there is often a set parcel value which if your shipment falls below, you do not have to pay import duties or tax.

In Canada this value is set at $20 CAD (Twenty Canadian Dollars). If you are sending a gift to someone in Canada worth $60 CAD or less, it is exempt from all customs duties and taxes. Goods that do not qualify for the Canadian $60 CAD gift exemption are tobacco, alcoholic beverages, advertising material and any items sent by a business.

If your parcel is not exempt from duties or taxes, the recipient will have to pay the relevant fees. This amount will be based on a few relevant factors:

  • How much the item is worth in Canadian dollars
  • How much Goods and Services Tax must be paid on the item (GST) – a fixed 5% after the $20 threshold
  • How much Provincial Sales Tax must be paid on the item (PST) – varies from province to province
  • If the item has been imported to specific provinces and territories, it may be subject to a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) – some provinces combine GST & PST to form this tax, varies from province to province

What Can You Send to Canada?

Check ParcelHero’s® Prohibited items list to ensure that the items that you intend to ship will be allowed to enter the country. Canadian authorities prohibit the import of various items that you can find on their dedicated customs site. Notable items that are prohibited by the Canadian border authority include:

  • Baby walkers – these are not prams or push chairs, but frames which allow a baby to ‘walk’ around in once placed inside. They are banned throughout Canada for safety reasons.
  • Jequirity beans – often used in jewellery, these beans can be toxic if chewed on or ingested.


Can I ship skis to Canada?

Canada is home to world renowned ski resorts, attracting the biggest names in winter sports and many holidaymakers from around the world. ParcelHero® specialises in shipping large and heavy items from the United Kingdom to international destinations. Our parcel delivery services make it easy for you to ship your skis and snowboards over to some of the world’s best ski resorts. Whether you are tackling slopes in Whistler, British Columbia or Banff, Alberta; we offer you the best price with excellent insurance options. Don’t stress about hiring equipment, we will deliver your personal effects door to door without the hassle of excess baggage fees.

Can I import maple syrup from Canada to the UK?

You can import maple syrup to the UK as long as it is meant only for personal use and it can be considered "a reasonable amount." It must also follow all food packaging guidelines, including being in a properly labelled, sealed bottle.

Addressing your parcel to Canada

Addresses in Canada will look familiar to those sending parcels from the UK as they follow a similar structure to British addresses. If sending to the French areas of Canada, such as Quebec, you do not have to use the French language when writing the address.

Mr John Smith [Title]

126 Osgoode St [House Number, Street Name]

Ottawa, ON K1N 6S1 [City, Province, Postal Code]


Canadian postal codes are split into two sections made up of six characters each. The first section is made up of two letters and one number, denoting a geographical region. The second section is made up of two letters and one number, this is the local delivery information.

Doing Business in Canada

Canada came out of the 2008 recession in a strong position and is currently growing at a rapid rate, making it a hotbed for trade and investment.

There are over 36 million people living in Canada with some of the largest industries being oil & gas, mining and liquified & natural gas. The average wage in Canada is just over $50,000 CAD, giving many Canadians plenty of spending money for luxury goods. The following industries are where the highest wages are paid:

  1. Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction $107,065
  2. Utilities – $89,955
  3. Construction – $62,461

There are notable business opportunities in Canada for rail; over $6 billion CAD have been allocated to developing some of Canada’s largest rail networks. Canada also has 55% of the world’s natural oil reserves and UK businesses are free to invest in these enterprises.

In 2013 alone, trade between Britain and Canada was worth £7.5 billion. The top UK exports to Canada are as follows:

  1. petroleum products
  2. aerospace parts
  3. pharmaceuticals
  4. motor vehicles
  5. aircraft engines

The top 5 Canadian exports to the UK are as follows:

  1. Vehicles
  2. Mineral fuels including oil
  3. Machinery
  4. Live trees and plants
  5. Plastics

The top 5 online marketplaces frequented by Canadians are:

  1. Amazon.ca
  2. eBay.ca
  3. Etsy.ca
  4. BestBuy.ca
  5. Newegg.ca

It is worth noting that heavy regulation in Canada makes it difficult for UK law firms to do business in Canada.

If you wish to learn more about doing business in Canada, explore the government’s tailor-made advice. If you are interested in beginning to trade in Canada, learn how to create a ParcelHero® business account and fill out our form so we can reach out to you to discuss what happens next. 

Shipping to Canada around national holidays

Much like the British, Canadians tend to send gifts to each other on birthdays, Christmas day and Valentine’s day. If you do intend to ship items to Canada around these holidays then it is wise to send well ahead of time to avoid the delays which exist at this time the world over.

There are 3 days in which courier services will not deliver or collect that are unique to Canada.

  1. Third Monday of every February for Family Day
  2. June 24th for Jean Baptiste Day
  3. July 1st for Canada Day

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