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Send a parcel to Croatia and save up to 60%

Parcel to Croatia

International shipping to Croatia from the UK from just £32.35

£50 free protection as standard* *excluding Hermes deliveries

Collection or drop-off at a local shop anytime

Track your parcel from door-to-door

Send bulky or heavy items weighing up to 1,000kg

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Cost of delivery services to Croatia

Fast and affordable delivery to Croatia

Are you shipping to Zagreb, Split, or anywhere else in Croatia? Why pay a premium when ParcelHero offers delivery from globally leading couriers like UPS, DPD and FedEx at an economy rate. Enjoy door-to-door tracking, collection from your home and £50 free coverage as standard* – all with savings of up to 60%.

*excluding Hermes deliveries


Fast delivery to destinations throughout Croatia


Collections from anywhere in Croatia for parcel delivery to the UK

Clearing Croatian customs

Thanks to the European Union’s free movement of people and goods, shipments that are sent to Croatia from inside the EU don’t have to worry about clearing customs or paying fees. Packages from other destinations will have to pay customs duties and taxes will only have to pay if they are worth more than €150. As long as you’re shipping with ParcelHero, there’s no need to worry about the paperwork. ParcelHero has that under control.

What am I allowed to send to Croatia?

Despite the fact you can send to Croatia without having to worry about customs, you will still need to think about the goods that you are sending. Croatia has rules about the items that you are allowed to bring into the country, most of which are similar to ParcelHero’s own rules about Prohibited and Restricted items. To find out more and see a Croatian specific list, visit Croatia’s customs website.

Can I send food to Croatia?

ParcelHero makes food simple to send, whether it is a care package, Christmas hamper or just a gift. Just make sure that the food you are sending to Croatia is store bought and in the original packaging. Perishable or home made foods are not allowed to be shipped internationally.

What are the maximum dimensions for shipping to Croatia?

Because ParcelHero works with some of the planet’s best freight shippers, we can accommodate shipments that are particularly large and heavy. Our maximum size and weight limits are 270cm in length and 1,000kg in weight.

Can I send antiques to the UK from Croatia?

Many antiques are considered priceless or irreplaceable, so ParcelHero’s partner carriers choose not to carry them. In order to ship antiques, please contact a specialist courier.

Doing business in Croatia

The UK may not be a traditional trading partner for Croatia, but there are plenty of opportunities for a business looking to expand to make a splash. Over 50% of the population speak English, and with nearly £200 million in trade between the two nations, there is some familiarity with British goods. Some of the leading British exports to Croatia are:

  • beverages, spirits and vinegar
  • plastics
  • vehicles
  • electrical, electronic equipment

For more information on these and other exporting opportunities, visit the UK Government’s Export Guide, or our government partner Exporting is Great.

How do I address a Parcel to Croatia?

Delivery to Croatia is only simple when we can find your parcels destination. To make sure that your shipment arrives safe and sound, give us the address in the right format. That should include:

  • John Smith [name]
  • Branimirova 4 [street address]
  • HR-52341 [postcode]
  • SPLIT [city]
  • CROATIA [Country name]

Croatian postal codes are made up of five digits. The first two digits indicate the postal centre in Croatia, with the final three digits specifying the districts post office.

Public Holidays in Croatia?

When you’re sending a gift or time sensitive package, you need to keep in mind that ParcelHero’s partner carriers only deliver on normal working days. To make sure that a package arrives on a specific day, plan around public holidays and weekends.

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