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Cost of delivery services to Cyprus

Fast and simple delivery to Cyprus

Cheap and simple parcel delivery to Cyprus has never been easier to arrange. ParcelHero gives you a wide range of shipping services to make sure that you will be able to your parcel reach its destination when you need it there.

Whether you are a small business looking to ship goods to Famagusta or an individual wanting to send gifts to Northern Cyprus; ParcelHero can save you up to 60%.


Fast delivery to destinations throughout Cyprus


Collections from anywhere in Cyprus for parcel delivery to the UK

Cyprus customs charges

If you are shipping items into Cyprus from another EU member state, there are no customs charges that must be paid. If you are shipping from outside the EU you do not have to pay customs duties or taxes on items valued at less that €150.

As with any country, Cyprus has its own list of prohibited items that they do not allow to pass the border. Cannabis derivatives, items from countries under a United Nations Security Council embargo and any counterfeit goods. Precious metals, DVDs and bumble bee products are considered restricted products and extra paperwork is necessary for bringing these items into the country.

Explore the Cypriot government’s customs site to learn more.

Doing business in Cyprus

The advantages to doing business in Cyprus for UK businesses include the already established familiarity with British brands, the English language being widely spoken and its location as a gateway to the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia.

Cyprus did not fare well in the most recent economic crash, but has made great leaps in growing its economy since the crash. However, there is high public debt and high unemployment in the country. Be sure to evaluate the strength of your specific market in the country.

The energy and environmental industries are currently experiencing periods of great growth. UK businesses have an opportunity to make a great profit in this current climate. The UK is Cyprus' main trading partner. Amongst many other things vehicles, drinks and clothing are chief exports from Britain.

To learn more about exporting to Cyprus, read the UK government’s guide.

How to address a parcel to Cyprus

Address your parcel in English as the local couriers are well-used to delivering to English language addresses. Cypriot addresses are simple, what follows is an example of a typical address:

  • John Smith [Recipient]
  • 34 Oktovriou [Street address]
  • 6048 Lemesos [Post code]
  • CYPRUS [Country name (in all caps)]

Shipping to Cyprus around national holidays

There are 15 days upon which ParcelHero cannot collect or deliver parcels in Cyprus. Some of the less well-known holidays include Green Monday on the 27th of February and Cyprus Independence Day on the 25th of March.

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