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Parcel to the Czech Republic

Shipping to the Czech Republic from just £22.70

£50 free protection as standard* *excluding Hermes deliveries

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Cost of delivery services to the Czech Republic

The cheapest rates on delivery to the Czech Republic

Sending a parcel to the Czech Republic has never been easier or cheaper than with ParcelHero. Delivery to anywhere in the Czech Republic is right at your fingertips, with savings of up to 60% on shipping from Prague to Ostrava, and everywhere in between.


Next day delivery to destinations throughout the Czech Republic


Collections from the Czech Republic for parcel delivery to the UK

How do you clear Czech customs?

The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union, which means that parcels that enter the country from other member countries don’t have to worry about clearing customs. Parcels from other origins will have to clear customs as normal, including paying duties and taxes. However, packages that are worth less than €150 will not have to pay customs charges. And don’t worry about the paperwork, as ParcelHero takes care of that for you.

What can I send to the Czech Republic?

There’s rules for what you are allowed to bring into the Czech Republic, despite the fact that they subscribe to the EU’s free movement of people and goods.

Restricted items include pornographic materials and fabric samples, along with many other items that ParcelHero also refuses to carry. See ParcelHero’s own rules about Prohibited and Restricted items. For a more Czech specific list, visit The Czech Republic’s customs website.

Can I send food to the Czech Republic?

Send spotted dick or baked beans to the Czech Republic for a great price with ParcelHero, as long as you keep to a few basic food shipping rules. Ensure your food is not homemade or perishable, and includes the full list of ingredients. You should also keep in mind that food should be store bought and in the original packaging.

Is there a way to ship large or heavy goods from the Czech Republic?

Regardless of the size of your package, ParcelHero can handle it. We specialise in large and heavy delivery in partnership with some of the world’s leading freight carriers, while still making sure you get a cheap price.

Can I send luggage to the Czech Republic?

Prague is a famous holiday destination, and ParcelHero makes sure you don’t have to stress out about your luggage arriving with you. We’ll pick up your parcel from your front door and have it waiting at your hotel when you arrive, just make sure you package it for courier shipping.

Exporting your business to The Czech Republic

As one of the most profitable and stable markets in Europe, it should come as little surprise that the Czech Republic is a desirable destination for hundreds of British businesses. With around £7 billion in trade between the two countries, there is plenty of desire for British exports, the most popular of which include:

  • optical, photo, and medical apparatus
  • miscellaneous chemical products
  • plastics
  • nuclear reactors and boilers

Don’t panic if you don’t see your product on that list, as there is plenty of opportunity in the Czech Republic. For more information have a look at the UK Government’s Export Guide, or our government partner Exporting is Great.

How do I address a Parcel to The Czech Republic?

Shipping with ParcelHero is fast and convenient, but that can only be the case if we can find the address you’re sending to. A normal Czech address includes:

  • Mr. John Smith [The name of the recipient]
  • VPrujezdna 320/62 [street name and building number]
  • 100 00 [postal code]
  • PRAGUE [city name]
  • CZECH REPUBLIC [country name]

Czech postal codes are five digits long, generally split into three and then two digits. The first three digits represent the city or district your parcel is destined for.

Public Holidays in The Czech Republic

We all need a break every now and then, even the people delivering your parcels. That’s why our partner couriers only deliver on normal working days. If you are shipping a gift or time sensitive parcel to the Czech Republic, you will need to plan around weekends and public holidays to make sure your shipment arrives on time.

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