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Cost of delivery services to Denmark

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Whatever your needs when you’re shipping to Denmark, ParcelHero delivers. We work with the world’s leading courier services to offer the best prices for shipping throughout Europe, and delivery to Denmark in no exception. With next day delivery services for both import and export throughout Europe, and big savings on economy services, we have the perfect options for you.


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How do I clear Denmark’s Customs?

Because Denmark is a part of the European Union, packages that are sent from within the EU are allowed into the country without having to worry about clearing customs or paying duties or fees. Parcels sent from outside Europe do not have free movement within the EU, so will have to pay duties and customs fees when clearing customs.

Goods worth less than €150 will not have fees applied when clearing customs, but goods worth more than that will have duties and fees applied. VAT in Denmark is set to 25%, so your fees will be at least 25% of the value of your goods.

Are there rules about what I can send to Denmark?

Though parcels can travel freely through Denmark’s borders, they may still need to clear customs, as there are rules about what goods are allowed into the country. For the most part, these fall in line with the goods that ParcelHero has prohibited for international shipping. You can find out more about these items on our Prohibited and Restricted goods page.

For more information check out the official website of Danish Customs

Can I send beer from Denmark to the UK?

Danish beer is famous throughout the world, but you’ll have to find another way to get it home, as we can't ship carbonated liquids. They’re considered hazardous goods, so most courier services will not carry beer.

Can I ship large packages to Denmark?

Not only can your shipment be large or heavy, ParcelHero specialises in making oversized shipping simple. We work with large freight couriers like TNT to make sure that regardless of size, your package is in the best hands.

Can I ship food to Denmark?

If you’d like to send something tasty to Copenhagen or Aarhus, there are some rules to doing so successfully. Make sure that any food you are sending is store bought and in original packaging. You also can’t send perishable foods, so that homemade spotted dick will have to stay at home.

How to export your business to Denmark

As the easiest country to do business in in Europe, and the fourth easiest in the world, looking to expand to Denmark is a no brainer for many growing companies. There’s almost £6 billion in trade between Denmark and the UK and since Denmark’s economy is one of the strongest in Europe, that is set to continue growing. Some of the main exports from the UK to Denmark include:

  • machinery
  • manufactured goods

Food and drink are also popular exports, but may require specialty couriers. There is a good relationship between the two countries, and it is generally accepted that goods successful in the UK will likely also be successful in Denmark. If you’d like to put that to the test, but want some more information before doing so, there’s a guide to Exporting to Denmark, or you can visit our government partner Exporting is Great, who help you find international opportunities around the globe. For even more savings, you can open a ParcelHero business account.

How do I address a Parcel to Denmark?

Though Denmark is not a particularly large country, it’s vital to properly address your parcel to make sure it arrives safely. The elements you need to include are:

  • Hr. John Smith [The name of the recipient]
  • Kastanievej 15[Street name + building number]
  • SKANDERBORG[city/town]
  • DK-8660 [Postal code]
  • DENMARK [Country name]

There is an optional country code that can be added to the postal code. This is “DK”, and can be added for further clarity. Danish postal codes are 4 digits long, and are based on the division of towns. For particularly large mail recipients, there are postal codes that may be assigned to that recipient.

Are there dates that you don’t deliver to Denmark?

Whether you celebrate your Christmas big or little, everyone deserves a break. That’s why we only deliver on weekdays, and enjoy a bit of time to ourselves on weekends and public holidays. Take that into account when making your bookings.

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