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Cost of delivery services to El Salvador

Get fantastic savings on delivery to El Salvador

ParcelHero can deliver birthday gifts, wedding presents, important documents – in fact most items – to any town, village or city in El Salvador. We work with companies that are renowned for excellent service and extensive delivery networks that are both efficient and secure. This means that we can continue to offer our customers a premium service even if our prices remain highly competitive.


Speedy delivery to destinations throughout El Salvador


Collections from throughout El Salvador for parcel delivery to the UK

Clearing customs in El Salvador

Your package will need to be accompanied by a customs invoice. You may notice that the ParcelHero website requests information about the items you are sending during the booking process and this will be used to generate the invoice for you. All you have to do then is print it and fix it securely to the parcel. You must declare the value of the goods you are sending. There are no low value exemptions from customs duties and fees, so they will be applied on every parcel that enters the country.

Are there customs rules in El Salvador?

El Salvador has its own rules on what can and can’t be brought in to the country. You must make sure that you adhere to the rules and don’t import anything that is prohibited, such as subversive materials of any kind. Otherwise your package might be delayed or destroyed. If you are concerned that your items might be on the restricted import list, have a look at the El Salvador customs authorities website. ParcelHero also has rules about Prohibited and Restricted items.

Can I send freight to El Salvador?

ParcelHero offers the same great savings on freight shipments to El Salvator as we do on normal parcels. Regardless of whether they weigh up to 1,000kg or are up to 270cm in length, save up to 60% on parcels of all shapes and sizes.

Can I send food to El Salvador?

Sending something tasty to El Salvator is a breeze with ParcelHero. Just make sure that you are sending store bought food in the original packaging. Anything homemade or perishable is strictly against the rules.

Doing business in El Salvador

El Salvador is a small emerging economy, but currently is a relatively slowly growing market. It’s difficult to establish yourself in the country but, on the positive side, El Salvador is not a particularly difficult country in which to do business, according to the World Bank. If you feel that these difficulties are worth it, or you are trying to establish yourself in one of the countries leading imports, such as broadcasting equipment or other technology, benefits of doing so include El Salvador’s integration of US dollars.

For more information and to see exporting opportunities, see our government partner Exporting is Great.

How do I address a Parcel to El Salvador?

To make sure that our delivery partners can find the right address in El Salvador, the address on the package is vital. Make sure that the address on your parcel to El Salvador includes:

  • Mr John Smith [Name]
  • Colonia Universitaria Norte #2 [colony name]
  • Calle Alcaine #29 [street address]
  • CP 1120 [post code]
  • MEJICANOS [locality]
  • SAN SALVADOR [department]
  • EL SALVADOR [Country]

Postal codes in El Salvador are made up of four digits, proceeded by the letters CP. The first digit indicates the region, the second the region, and the final two the delivery area. Ensure that you include all four and the proceeding letters when addressing your package.

Public Holidays in El Salvador

Even our globally leading couriers need a break sometimes, which is why they only deliver on normal working days. If you are shipping a time sensitive parcel, you will need to plan around weekends or public holidays when making your booking to make sure it arrives when expected.

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