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Cheap parcel shipping to Finland

Parcel to Finland

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Cost of delivery services to Finland

Save up to 60% on speedy delivery to Finland

Shipping to Finland doesn’t have to finish off your patience. We make it quick and simple to send a parcel to anywhere in Finland, from Helsinki to Espoo and everything in between. With savings of more than 60%, you can enjoy great rates while still putting your parcel in the hands of some of the world’s leading couriers.


Next day delivery to destinations throughout Finland


Collections from Finland for parcel delivery to the UK

How do you clear Finnish customs?

As part of the European Union, parcels sent from other member nations can enter Finland without having to worry about customs clearance and charges. Parcels from other countries will have to clear customs as normal. If the shipment is worth less than €150, you won’t need to pay duties or taxes during clearance. You won’t have to worry about customs paperwork though, as ParcelHero takes care of that for you.

Are there rules for what I can send to Finland?

Despite the fact that Finland complies with the EU’s free movement of people and goods, there are still rules about the goods that you are allowed to bring into the country. Many of the goods that are not allowed are similar to ParcelHero’s own rules about Prohibited and Restricted items. For a more specific list, visit Finland’s customs website.

Can I send food to Finland?

ParcelHero makes it cheap and easy to ship food to Finland, as long as you obey a few simple rules. Make sure that the food you send is store bought and in the original packaging. Food that is homemade or perishable is not allowed.

Can I ship freight from Finland?

No matter how large or heavy your package is, ParcelHero’s partnership with globally leading freight carriers like TNT means that we get you a great rate on shipping to Finland, while you enjoy all the convenience of working with ParcelHero.

Can I send pallets to Finland?

When your package is particularly large or heavy, you will need to place it on a pallet. Don’t worry though, as ParcelHero makes sure that those costs are included in your quote – just be sure to include the pallet in your weight and size measurements.

Exporting your business to Finland

If you have a successful product in the UK, there’s a good chance that it will do well in Finland too. With a population of over 5 million, there’s plenty of potential customers waiting to enjoy your products. Leading exports from the UK to Finland include:

  • chemical products and pharmaceuticals
  • vehicles
  • scientific and optical equipment
  • electrical products

As the UK’s seventh largest trading partner, there’s still plenty of opportunity in Finland if you don’t see your goodson the list above. For more information on these and other export opportunities, visit the UK Government’s Export Guide, or our government partner Exporting is Great.

How do I address a Parcel to Finland?

It’s important to properly address your parcel. After all, how can we deliver your parcel if we don’t know its destination? Proper Finnish address format should include:

  • Mr. John Smith [The name of the recipient]
  • Vesakkotic 1399 [street address]
  • FI-00630 [country code and postal code. The "FI-" is an optional country code.]
  • HELSINKI [postal district]
  • FINLAND [country name]

In Finland, postal codes are made up of five digits. The first two digits signify the municipality that the destination is in, while the next two make up the town or city. The final digit is usually a zero.

Public Holidays in Finland

Everyone needs a holiday, which is why our partner couriers only deliver on normal working days. If you’re sending something special that needs to arrive at a specific time, you should keep weekends and Finnish public holidays in mind when planning your shipment.

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