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Cost of delivery services to Grenada

Great Parcel Delivery to Grenada with ParcelHero

Whether you’re looking to send a wonderful surprise gift, or really important documents, ParcelHero has a fantastic range of services for sending a parcel to Grenada. We not only show you the best, most affordable delivery options, but also estimate collection and delivery times, and even provide you with all the relevant documentation for your delivery. Throw in fully tracked delivery on all our delivery options and you won’t find a better – or more affordable – way to send your package or parcel.


Speedy delivery to destinations throughout Grenada


Collections from throughout Grenada for parcel delivery to the UK

Are there customs rules in Grenada?

As Grenada is not within the EU, your package will need to go through customs clearance in order to reach its final destination and, as there is no low value exemption, it will have duties and taxes applied. Every package sent to Grenada must be accompanied by a customs invoice – our system will ask you for information as you are booking so that this can be generated at the end of the process. Missing documentation is one of the main reason for delays when it comes to parcel deliveries, so use a Documents Enclosed pouch to ensure paperwork is secure.

Are there rules about what you can send to Grenada?

Like any country, there are certain items that are considered to be prohibited for import into Grenada. These include paint, perfume, anything that is magnetised and anything made from fur. If you are concerned that your items might be on the restricted import list, have a look at the Grenada customs authorities website. ParcelHero also has rules about Prohibited and Restricted items.

Can I send food to Grenada?

Shipping something tasty to Grenada is cheap and easy with ParcelHero. Make sure that the food in your parcel is not homemade or perishable; the food shipment you are sending must be store bought and in the original packaging.

Can I send equipment to Grenada?

If you are planning a trip to this part of the world to explore the fascinating nature here then you can send any equipment that you might need on ahead. Whether it is snorkelling, scuba diving gear or walking boots, sending these via courier will not only save you money by avoiding airline excess baggage charges, but will also mean there’s more room in your suitcase too.

Can I send large or heavy goods to Grenada?

No matter the size of your package, ParcelHero offers fantastic savings. Our maximum shipment size and weights are 1,000g and 270cm, so size is no object. With ParcelHero, you can save up to 60% on delivery of parcels of all shapes and sizes.

Doing business in Grenada

Grenada generally imports very little, but is a growing market. Generally, Grenada imports technology and other goods that it cannot manufacture locally.

When trying to establish yourself, be sure that you know Grenada’s customs rates, taxation and how local postage systems work. This may be difficult, as Grenada is one of the world’s most difficult countries in which to do business according to the World Bank.

For more information and to see exporting opportunities, see our government partner Exporting is Great.

How do I address a Parcel to Grenada?

Although Grenada is a relatively small island, finding the right person requires accuracy when addressing your package. A Grenadian address includes:

  • Mr John Smith [Name]
  • Woburn [village]
  • ST. GEORGE'S [municipality]
  • GRENADA [Country]

There are no postal codes in Grenada. The Grenada postal authority does recommend adding (West Indies) to the country name, but this is not necessary.

Public Holidays in Grenada

Our partner carriers only deliver on normal working days, so if you are sending a time sensitive parcel like a gift, you will need to plan around weekends and public holidays when making your booking.

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