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Cost of delivery services to Guyana

Fast and affordable delivery to Guyana with ParcelHero

We have a great reputation for fast and reliable courier services to Guyana and to preserve this we make sure that we only use carriers we can rely on. We are very choosy about the companies that we work with, so you know that shipments are sent via the most extensive and reliable delivery networks. Each shipment is scanned every step of the way, which means that we can offer full tracking of your parcel, so you know where it is at all times.


Speedy delivery to destinations throughout Guyana


Collections from throughout Guyana for parcel delivery to the UK

Clearing customs in Guyana?

Sending parcels to Guyana means that your items will be subject to customs clearance so will require a customs invoice. Shipments worth more than $100 will have duties and customs applied during the customs clearance process. Our booking system automatically generates this for you. All you have to do is print them off and make sure they are ready before collection. You must declare the value of the goods you are sending, which may attract taxes and duties that will be collected directly by the local customs authorities. Because it is Guyana local authorities, rather than ParcelHero, that deals with duties and taxes, we cannot include these in the shipment price that we quote you.

Are there customs rules in Guyana?

Like any country, Guyana’s customs authorities have a strict set of rules on what you can send into the country and we recommend that you check the import restrictions to make sure that you are not trying to import anything that is restricted. For example, you cannot send seeds of any sort, or anything that may contain soil, as well as log and timber products from Liberia. If you are concerned that your items might be on the restricted import list, have a look at the Guyana customs authorities website. ParcelHero also has rules about Prohibited and Restricted items.

Can I send freight to Guyana?

Shipments of any size or weight are no match for our fantastic delivery partners. We can ship packages that are up to 1,000kg in weight and 270cm in length and still offer savings of up to 60%. With ParcelHero, it’s simple to ship parcels of all shapes and sizes.

Can I send food to Guyana?

Sending food is not just allowed with ParcelHero; it’s easy. Just make sure you are sending food that is store bought and in the original packaging, as homemade or perishable goods are not allowed.

Can I send documents to Guyana?

If you need documents to arrive in Guyana quickly and affordably, look no further than ParcelHero. And because documents don’t need to clear customs, we can have them at your destination even faster than you might imagine.

Doing business in Guyana

Guyana is one the fastest growing markets in the Caribbean region, and expected to become one of the largest in Latin America. There is over £25 million in trade between the UK and Guyana, so there is plenty of familiarity with British goods. Some leading UK exports to Guyana include:

  • pharmaceutical products
  • tableware, kitchenware and other household items
  • vehicles and vehicle parts
  • retreaded or used tyres as rubber

For more information and to see export opportunities in Guyana, visit the UK Government’s trade guide, or our government partner Exporting is Great.

How do I address a Parcel to Guyana?

Shipping internationally can be a difficult process, but it is made significantly simpler for our partner couriers when you use the correct address. A normal address in Guyana includes:

  • Mr John Smith [Name]
  • 23 Middle Road [street address]
  • GEORGETOWN [municipality]
  • GUYANA [Country]

There are no postal codes in Guyana. You can indicate a PO Box by including the details beneath the country name.

Public Holidays in Guyana

Everyone enjoys a break every now and then, even our delivery partners, which is why they only deliver on normal working days. Delivery is not made on weekends or public holidays, so plan around these dates if you are sending something time sensitive, like a gift.

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