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Cost of delivery services to Honduras

There’s loads of benefits to booking courier services to Honduras with ParcelHero. We give you £50.00 enhanced cover as standard* with all bookings plus same day collections and 3 free delivery attempts.

Because we only partner with world renowned carriers, you receive the safest and fastest deliveries when you book with ParcelHero. We have huge buying power with these carriers mean you can get access to rates that normally require you to send thousands of parcels per month to obtain. Transit times are fast at just 3-5 days. Please be aware that parcels can be delayed during customs processing which is out of the control of ParcelHero.

Excluding documents packaged in envelopes, all parcels to Honduras must be accompanied by a customs invoice in order to achieve clearance. We’ll generate this for you at the end of the booking process so that all you need to do is print off the appropriate number of copies before our carrier arrives to collect.

It is important that when you provide the value of the goods, description of the contents and reason for expert that you give honest and accurate information as this will have an effect on the taxes and duties assessment when your parcel reaches Honduras customs.

*excluding Hermes deliveries

Honduras customs

Generally, goods under the value of 30.00 USD are exempt from duties and taxes and gifts under the value of 50.00 USD are also exempt. This is why fields such as the reason for export must be completed with accurate information to avoid unnecessary fees being allocated to your shipment.

Honduras prohibits a selection of items from import including:

  • Liquids
  • Personal Effects
  • Powder
  • Political Literature

To learn more about what you can and cannot ship to Honduras visit their official customs site, be sure to also view ParcelHero’s list of items that are prohibited from shipping.

Addressing your parcel to Honduras

Honduran addresses are straightforward. Whilst isolated rural regions will have slightly different addresses they maintain a similar format to the example below:

Juan Smith [Recipient]

Main Road 2 [Street address]

XX7739 Los Hermanos [Postal code / region]

Comayagua [City]


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